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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dad: where’s that word book?

Mum: what wordbook?

Dad: you know that wordbook you carry around

Mum: the dictionary?

Dad: yeahh that

Looks like he needs it lol

Friday, October 8, 2010

oh gosh its pink ==;; thanks miffeh/sylvie

and i swear its meant for girls

i just wanna be successfulll:: ...<3
Created by shelbyloveshayden and taken 12 times on Bzoink
What time is it?: 11:48pm
What is your name?: JongKimmeh
How old are you?: 17
Are you still in school?: yes ? no ? graduated ?
If yes, What grade?: 12
Are you single or taken?: Unfortunately ... single
If taken, by who?: Go away
When is your birthdate?: 16th October 1992
What is your favorite color?: Blue
Do you have unlimited texting?: No T.T
What kind of cellphone do you have?: Nokia N95
What is your moms name?: Youeng Un Lee (Joanne)
What is your dads name?: Seong Tae Kim (Steve)
Do you have any brothers or sisters?: Yes
If so, what are their names and age?: Douchebag james kim, 18
Whats your least favorite chore?: Vaccuuming
What subject are/were you worst at?: English ... T.T
What color is your hai?: Black
Is it natural?: Yes
What color are your eyes?: Black/Brown
Do you wear glasses or contacts?: No
What kind of car do you drive?: No
Are you registered to vote?: No
How much money to you have on you right now?: 20 cents ?
What is your favorite food?: Meat
What is your favorite movie?: Up ? Bolt ? Kung Fu Panda ? Cars ? Toy Story ?
What color is your bed sheets?: Beige
How many pillows are on your bed?: 5
Do you own any stuffed animals still?: ... Yes
Did you play with barbies when you were younger?: No ==
Do you own a laptop or desktop computer?: Yes
Who is your favorite singer?: TAEYEON
Have you ever ran away from home?: Yes
Do you still live with your parents?: Yes
What day is it?: Friday
What color dress did you wear to prom?: Yes
Whats your favorite animal?: Narwhal
Do you have any pets?: Not anymore
If so, what kind(s)?:
Do you have your own room?: Yes
What color is your floor?: Brown
What color is the walls?: Beige
Do you have your own tv?: Yes
What state do you live in?: NSW
Have you ever lived in any other state?: No
This or That
Dr Pepper or Crush Orange?: huh ?
Salt or Pepper?: Salt
Ketchup or Ranch?: Ketchup
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers?: Chicken Nuggets
Rain or Sunshine?: Rain
Drive or Walk?: Walk
History or Science?: Science
Text or Call?: Call
Computer or Tv?: Computer
Halloween or Christmas?: Christmas
Fourth of July or Valentines Day?: Single Awareness Day
Reading or Writing?: Reading
Drinking or Smoking?: Drinking
Water or Tea?: Water
Orange Juice or Milk?: Milk
Moon or Sun?: Moon
Church or Work?: Church
Mcdonalds or Wendys?: Mcdonalds
Milkshakes or Smoothies?: Milkshakes
Breakfast or Dinner?: Dinner
PB&J or Bologna&Cheese?: PB&J
:) or :D: :D
Money or Love?: Love
Swimming or Dancing?: Dancing
Summer or Winter?: Summer
Spring or Fall?: Spring
Jackets or Hoodies?: Jackets
Skinny Jeans or Baggy Jeans?: Baggy Jeans
Rock or Rap?: Rap
Pancakes or Waffles?: Waffles
Zombieland or Superbad?: Zombieland
Movies or Tv Shows?: Movies
1 or 2?: 2
Yes or No?: Maybe
Pink or Purple?: Pink
Blue or Green?: Blue
Take Pictures or Be in Pictures?: Take Pictures
Starburst or Laffy Taffy?: Starburst
Skittles or M&Ms?: M&Ms
Physical or Emotional Pain?: Physical
Straightened Hair or Curled Hair?: Straightened
Blonde or Brunnette?: Brunette
Blue Eyes or Brown Eyes?: Brown
Yellow or Orange?: Yellow
Carpet or Wood Floor?: Wood
Vaccuming or Sweeping?: Vaccuming
4-Door or 2-Door Cars?: 4-Door
2-D or 3-D Movies?: 4-D
Ocean or Lake?: Ocean
Lightening or Thunder?: Lightning
Rollerskating or Iceskating?: Iceskating
Hangman or Scrabble?: Hangman
Uno or Blackjack?: Uno
Wheel or Fortune or Deal or No Deal?: Deal or No Deal
Family Guy or King of the Hill?: Family Guy
Supernatural or True BLood?: Supernatural
Drake or Eminem?: Eminem
Converse or Vanz?: Converse
Hottopic or Pacsun?: wth
True or False
Your favorite color is pink.: False
You are a girl.: False
Your parents are divorced.: False
You are older than 20.: False
You drive a truck.: False
Your best friends name is Nikki.: False
You have 4 sisters.: False
You dont have your license.: True
You graduated highschool in 2010.: True
Your birthday is in December.: False
You were born in 1990.: False
You have 2 dogs.: False
Your boyfriends name is Adam.: This survey is for girls isn't it == False
You live in the state if Texas.: False
You love to watch football.: False
You go to church every sunday.: True
You like neon colors.: False
You have never been on an airplane.: False
You have been to more than 3 states.: False
You have a kid of your own.: False
You dont smoke.: True
You have never drank beer before.: False
You have a job.: False
You like taking walks.: True
You wear alot of makeup.: False
You carry a purse.: False
Your favorite store to shop at is Hollister.: False
You like taking surveys online because your bored.: False
You have a facebook.: True
Favorite Color:: Blue
Favorite Number:: 6279
Favorite Movie:: I already told you
Favorite Name:: Taeyeon
Favorite Actress:: Taeyeon
Favorite Singer/Band?: Taeyeon
Favorite Book?: Taeyeon ... i mean The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Favorite Car?: Wooden
Favorite Food?: Meat
Favorite Brand?: Nike
Favorite Store?: Yes
Favorite Drink?: Water
Favorite Day?: Friday
Favorite Month?: October
Favorite Subject:: Science
Favorite Letter:: Handwritten. In Ink.
Favorite Piercing:: Ear
Favorite Restauraunt:: Sitneys
Favorite Website:: Youtube
Favorite BoardGame:: Monopoly
Favorite Tv Show:: Scrubs
Favorite Person:: Taeyeon
Favorite Pattern:: Pretty patterns
Favorite Shape:: Googolgon
Favorite Decade:: Now
Favorite Piece Of Jelwelry:: Ring
Favorite Word:: Yes
Favorite Quote:: Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy
Favorite Highschool Teacher:: Yes
Favorite Season?: Spring
Favorite Time of Day?: Dinner Time
Favorite Genre of Music?: R&B
Favorite Movie Genre?: Comedy
Favorite Cartoon Charachter?: Dug the Talking Dog
Favorite Emotion?: Green
Favorite Facial Expression:: Smiles =]
Favorite Hair Color?: Brown
Favorite Eye Color?: Brown
Favorite State?: Mental
Favorite Vacation Spot?: Park
Favorite Accent?: Musical
Favorite Hair Style?: Asian
Favorite Kind of Shoes?: Nike
Favorite Sport?: Basketball
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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trinket 3 says:

lol youre not stressing right ???

trinket <3 says:


that kept me laughing for like 2 hours T.T

english in less than 7 days ............................................ goooooood luck with study everybody =D lol

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have you ever tried typing with the keyboard upside down?? Well im trying it now… and its already been like a minute since I started writing this T.T I dnno why I bothered to write that because that also took me ages… and I don’t know why im typing upside down ? maybe I actually want to waste all this time because I don’t want to study ? but this is getting pretty frustrating because its taking AGES. Even using that caps lock for AGES took ages. Mmmm … I was going to talk about my day but its gnna take too long and its my bed time now lol ohhhhhhhh and after typing upside down for a while turn the keyboard the right way up and that’s pretty trippy as well =]

Friday, October 1, 2010

save me