Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everybody ! =]

My Christmas day

-church lunch
-beach with family + church friends + chloe

i wrote my name in the sand

then chloe wrote "gay" and put an arrow pointing at me ==;;

oh and my dad caught a stingray but we let it go cause he says they look funny and they kill people

then we went dinner at eastwood but i didn take photos of all our food cause ... well if theres food in front of me ... i tend to start eating rather than think to take photos..

well that was my day hope yours was as good as / better than mine =]

only read further if you seriously have nothing better to do okay ?
its just random stuff im gnna put on just because i have nothing better to do and yeah i dont wanna waste your time or anything ==;;

everything is just made up btw i just took these photos while waiting for a big splash kinda thing but i had to wait ages and i got bored lol T.T

My dads like "hahaha *points* i found you"
and james is like farout ==;;

and my dads like hahahahahahahahahaha



hahahahahahhahahahahaha i win ! okay this time you guys hide

and james was like dad == WE were meant to find YOU but dads like okay this time you guys have to count over there and james has to piggy back chloe while spinning in a circle while blindfolded while counting to 117 because 117 is a product of 9 because I like snsd (yes my dad likes snsd) and 13 because I like super junior (im not sure if my dad likes super junior but meh) …

and then you have to play cops and robbers for an hour and then find 24 items starting with the letter 7 and james will be like uhh but dad that’s not a letter but my dad will be like and then youll have to take part in a triathlon down by the beach while wearing Christmas colours …

and then youll have to do 44 push ups and 44 sit ups and 44 froggy jumps and 44 leg raises and 44 crunches because im 44 years old (I think my dads 44 years old ?) and then youll have to find a treasure map that’s buried beneath a palm tree and youll have to use it to find a spoon that’s hidden somewhere in Sydney …
and james is like psst chloe im getting bored lets ditch this and chloes like okay !

but dads just like and then youll have to melt the spoon and mould it into a key which will open a door somewhere in newcastle which will put a hole in the fabric of time and youll have to enter it and then travel back in time to when justin bieber was born and then find him and then … lol jks don’t kill him because justin biebers awesome anyways …

and then find a purple and green car that’s parked in the parking lot because inside theres a suitcase filled with bricks and with those bricks build a big shed that’s big enough to fit a Christmas tree and 3 elves and then wait until it rains so that when santas making a return trip if hes running out of time he can stop by to lessen the weight on his sleigh and …

the grass will turn blue and then wow the water is kinda blue ? kinda green and like white ish cause of the waves ? hey james don’t you … hey where did you go ? ...
im lonely ...

and cold ...

and old ...

well at least thats what i think they were saying / thinking ? =]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Victor Kim … I think I love him. LOL

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is my first blog post thingy posted through an iPhone. I'm so excited. lol yes I still don't have Internet on my computer;; why ? because I'm too lazy to go and buy another Internet USB port thingy to replace the broken one >.< but yes it's quite interesting having no Internet in my room. Thought it would reduce the amount of time I spent on the Internet. But no ... I have an I phone and my mums laptop;; arghhhh can't seem to stop wasting time by youtubing and stuff T.T I'm procrastinating from guitaring ??? is that even possible ? I'm procrastinating from the thing I used to procrastinate with during the Hsc ??? it's like the hunter has become the hunted ... or whatever. lol;;

Well I'm gnna tell you the things I share the bed with when I go sleep time because I have nothing better to do =D ill be listing the things as I go through them in real life

A guitar
A ukulele
4 pillows
A cushion
2 blankets
A ruler (?)
A jumper I wear at home
A jumper I wear outside !!! Wow I thought I lost it so yesterday I ... Where did I go yesterday ... Somewhere cold but I can't seem to remember it right now
A bball singlet
A camera
2 arm warmers
A folder
A water bottle
2 white button up shirts
A foldable paper fan thingy
A scarf
A tie
5 pairs of jeans
2 shorts
A belt
A lion king simba plushie thingy
YAY I found my other water bottle =D good thing I decided to write this pointless post that no ones gnna see anyways cause theyre too busy having fun
A tissue box
5 cents
And I think that's it for now ?
And yes I have plenty of space to sleep in ... but my beds not that big ... but I'm not that small ... woah it must be magic ... like Harry potter ... but dobby died =( (sorry for the spoiler if you haven't read the book or watched the movie but its okay cause Emma Watson is so pretty T.T so pretty...)

umm... yeah I was trying to see if I could add a picture from the iPhone but turns out I can't >.< so yeah just added a pic from the web;;

Monday, December 6, 2010

I found out everything I thought of myself was a lie.
This means what you thought of me is probably a lie as well.
My life is a lie.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not emotionally unstable or anything I guess im just being realistic ? just a big eye opener I guess ;;
Probably not the best way to start a blog =/ but I thought I had to write it down somewhere

Ohh .. youre sleeping ..
Well at least Obil’s excited

The interviewer asks a simple question. “How are you today?”
And I just think *I’m fine thank you I’m fine thank you I’m fine thank* but as soon as I open my mouth to answer it comes out as “I’m thank you … == I mean I’m fine thank you” but other than that it was pretty fun lol

Newcastle interview !! IM EXCITED ! ARE YOU EXCITED HONG ??

Ohh .. youre sleeping ..
Well at least Obil’s excited

lol jks obil wasn’t there;; Hong was though cause he drove me up there and back, which took like more than 3 hours to go one way which involved stopping at a really crappy resting area and maccas.
oh and did you know there are like almost identical maccas + fuel place + some yoghurt shop on the opposite sides of the newcastle freeway ??? yeah ... trippy