Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korea lost T.T

But I dnno I’m not feeling as bad as I thought I would because both Korea and Uruguay played so well and it was a really good match I really enjoyed watching it

My mum was listening to the Korean commentary on her wireless headphones and she went to the bathroom right? And then Uruguay scored a goal and my mum shouts did Uruguay score? And we were like yeah how did you know? And she goes because the commentator just stopped talking lol When Korea got their goal we just went crazy I was hugging my dads arm he was grabbing my brothers hair, mum was like screaming and it was so epic haha xD but when Uruguay scored again we couldn’t complain because it was such a mad shot it was like perfect
To be honest I was closing my eyes for the last 5-10 minutes just praying my ass off but hey im imagining heaps of people doing the same thing on both sides lol so yeah im not feeling too bad right now =D my dads last words before he went to bed was“I hope Uruguay loses the next match and “Japan better lose as well” ==

i guess to make up for Korea's loss i'll have to play extra harder on thursday and you know like make it to the finals instead LOL ;;

OHHH yeahh ummm please come MAD ? i dnno like i want people to come but i dont want people to come at the same time. i wanna perform but i have stage fright and im really scared T.T anyways im gnna try and get some sleep nights !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I realised that for the whole month I thought we were in May …
Like I knew it was June but on my sheets and in my books I wrote down: day/05/10
Whats even stupideris that I checked more than once using my knuckles to determine whether this month had 30 or 31 days and still didn’t figure out that 05 = May and 06 = June. ;;

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its like almost 4:30 … I cant believe I managed to wake up T.T I had less than 4 hours of sleep because I was dumb and decided to sleep later than 12
Korea vs Nigeria is about to start and I have to watch it through the internet on another language because on tv theyre gnna show the Argentina match ;;
Haha ill finish this blog later
Kick off !!
Korea Fighting !!

Okay the game just finished

Korea 2 : 2 Nigeria

Korea goes to the next round !! yayy

stupid bald korean guy cost Korea a goal really early and then korea scored 2 goals (Jung Soo and Chu Young) and then another stupid mistake = penalty kick for nigeria guy who scored
btw Chu Young = Guy Marsh i dnno why but it looks apparent now lol

im happy =D

if we lost i was gnna try and take a nap but since we're going through i cant sleep T.T

gnna be dead at school ==

Monday, June 21, 2010

You know whats scary?

I was singing a song in my head while doing the laundry and my dad came to help and he started singing the song lol I didn’t know he was bulimic ? =P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maths = fail T.T
I am so not ready for Tuesdays test its not funny =(

Last night I was in bed watching the Australia game and I was really really sleepy right ? and I was struggling to stay awake and then Australia scored a goal and I was all hyped again and I was thinking yupp I think Im gnna be able to stay awake for the whole match! And that’s the last thing I remember .. I accidentally fell asleep and when I woke up it was couple seconds before the final whistle and I was like wow that felt like a couple of hours ? and I checked the time on my fone and I realized I fell asleep in the first half of the live game and I woke up at the final minute of the REPLAY of the same match T.T haha but yeah the sleep felt like a couple of hours because I had a HUGE dream where so many different people came out and it was like in all these different locations with weapons and gaining levels and eating. It was cool because I haven’t had that kinda dream in a while. Well I had it the day before but before that I didn’t have much crazy dreams. I think over the 2 nights every single person in our grade appeared in my dream. And this morning I fell asleep again after that final whistle and what woke me up was Sarah’s text saying she couldn’t find her voice xD and I replied with something lame as usual and while I was waiting for her reply I fell asleep AGAIN except I didn’t know? I realized I was asleep when I started rollerblading because she wasn’t replying quickly. Oh and the fact that my bio class + some year 11 dude were rollerblading with me and ms Thomas was teaching us some pro skills ;; when I woke up I found out she actually texted back pretty quickly but I was late for church so I don’t remember what happened after that.

Please save me T.T

Thursday, June 17, 2010

T.T korea lost against argentina
Was a pretty good game though korea just got outclassed because wow argentina = tank
and tevez is like beast I liken him to the uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings because they were like beast as well. And they both have long hair.
Messi is like a genius. Just pure talent.
My mum hates Higuain because she thinks hes just really lucky and im not going to argue against her because I like eating dinner everyday.
My dad hates Chu Young because he got an own goal. Im not going to tell him to calm down because I enjoy my peace and quiet when im trying to study.
Sigh well I had a lot of money on this match and I seriously hoped Korea would win but yeahh now I owe 20 cents to Trina and 20 cents to Trishna. Oh and like 10 minutes after the game I get a text message from Trina “ARGENTINAAA!!!!!” what a bi.........g hearted person who is very lovely to know;;
At least I didn’t cry this time?
Now we can just hope Greece wins against Nigeria =D lol and that game starts soon I MIGHT watch it or like fall asleep watching it


My day started really early because I wanted to start memorising my essay (which is really late I know ==) and I had alarms every 5 minutes starting at 5 am. BUT I woke up at 5am then turned off the alarm and then fell asleep then woke up 5 minutes later then covered the speaker bit with my hand so it didn’t wake up anyone else but I fell asleep like that and then I woke up 1 hour later. The alarm did wake me for the hour because my hand was so tight over the speakers that the sound was muffled out and I could barely hear it T.T so I ended up getting up at 6 and I was about to start but I got distracted when I looked outside the window and it was a violet sky and I was just mesmerised and then I spotted a rainbow in the violet sky so I ran outside to stare at it for a while.

English = fail

After school I went to pick up medicine from the chest clinic and afterwards I went to look at guitars at billy hyde (sorry tony we’ll still go on Saturday =) ) and I was just looking around and trying out new guitars. I was playing around with the $1000 - $1500 range guitars and I expected to be blown away by the quality but they weren’t THAT great which kinda confused me. HOWEVER after like 45 minutes of lingering I picked up a maton one and omgsh I think I fell in love. The guitar sounded SOOOOOO nice it just felt like the right guitar for me and I was in awe by the timbre and texture of the sound produced it was so cool. I was at the shop for ages and at like 5:15 I started walking to my bus stop on church street and when I got there I checked my timetable and according to the schedule I apprently missed the bus by 10 minutes but knowing that 606 doesn’t like to follow the timetable I asked one of the people if the bus already came and the man was like ummm sort of ? and I was like huh ? what do you mean and he said well its here right now ? and I turned around and the bus was coming around the corner lol and the guy was like that was pretty good timing and gave me thumbs up I felt so cool haha.

Ohh and fun fact for you

Maradona doesn’t like the Korean coach
You know why?
Because apparently 24 years ago both coaches were players on their national teams and it was korea vs argentina and the Korean coach went for the ball but accidentally kicked maradona in the leg and he was in a lot of pain LOL so in a way maradona got his revenge ? lol

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best sporting event in the world.
Korea just beat Greece 2:0 omgsh T.T so happy lol
When they were showing Korea’s line up we were like WHOOO PARK JI SUNG …. What about that guy ? err whos that? And whos that ? lol ==
First goal was at like 7th minute and a guy named Jungsoo scored and my family screamed so much we were like going crazy it was so awesome
My dad was so crazy he gave me a hug. He never gives me a hug LOL ahh … the magic of world cup soccer.
Well im so hyped up now but kinda scared because the other teams Korea has to vs are Argentina and Nigeria who are pretty good ;; my dads hoping Argentina comes first and we come second so we can get into the next rounds.
Hmmm I remember in the 2002 world cup Korea was doing so well and like I prayed so hard before and during each match and I would like go super high when we scored and stuff
And I remember that we lost against Germany … I actually started crying == I was so sad and my mum and dad had to give me a whole talk on how this is the furthest Korea’s ever gotten and how before they wouldn’t even make it past the first rounds and stuff lol I was such a crybaby ==
Soccer = awesome

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arghhh I procrastinate soooooo much >.<
So screwed for maths ;; sigh
Okay so I have 2 new guitars right ? 1 named apple and 1 that’s unnamed because obviously im too lazy. Well I haven’t playing the first one because its not a cut out and you need a cut out to play start – depapepe and also theres like a crack in it I dnno how bad though. Anyways in my process of procrastination I decided to take it out and play random stuff on it … its like heaven for your fingers and ears T.T lol it slides so easily and sounds so nice it actually made me smile haha
Hmmm my dad actually managed to convince my mum it was 1am. She fell asleep while studying and my dad ‘accidentally’ woke her up after coming back from fishing and this was like 10pm btw. I went outside to stand in front of the heater after my shower and my mum goes why are you still awake ?? and I was so confused because I had no reason to be asleep ? and my dad just starts laughing really hard and my mum goes … its not 1am is it == lol

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That’s from the senior science topic test.
You can’t see it properly but it says N/A in HSC.
Why ?
The question says
( C ) Describe the function of each of the four chambers of the heart. (4 marks btw)
And Liz wrote to love” with a heart on Alan's paper LOL xD

I was at the top oval for music. I usually go there because im all by myself but today there were like heaps and heaps of birds just flying around and it was scary because some of them were like flying straight at you and then they would divert away like a metre away from you ?
Eh I don’t think you can see them very well but yeah it was like a battlefield

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I realised that I want to do too many things now and also in the future and its having a pretty huge impact on my studies T.T but then again the things are pretty silly because im either not good enough to do them or its just really really hard. That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

This video made me smile yesterday its soo cool lol I think it’s the moment the baby first hears his mother’s voice as his cochlear implant is turned on. You can see the baby is just mesmerized and has the =O moment and his pacifier thing just falls out of its mouth haha it looks so happy. Makes you think about the blessings you take for granted. The last 2 seconds reminds me of dani for some reason 0.o

Oh and on my trip to the bathroom I just hear my brother go “yes… still got my ninja skills” turns out he was playing worms on his computer LOL

Friday, June 4, 2010

And I ruined her day in a matter of seconds.

Hmm eveybody else taled about ow ointessarrs thin was and ho mc it pourdtday .
That right there is my keyboard running out of battery =D
It was meant to be hmmm everybody else talked about how pointless careers thing was and how much it rained today …
Ummm… well… I tried a one handed handstand today and I broke the shoeshelf. Yupp. So my mum broke me and now I cant try stupid things inside the house anymore. I wish I could live without sleeping. Then I could have enough to study AND procrastinate and I wouldn’t have nightmares that involve random people and school. I think I directed a scary movie in my head while I slept.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small things aren’t worth losing friends over. We can tolerate the flaws of other people but it gets harder as you start getting pissed off yourself or when it’s just not your day. And when you have an argument with them it’s so easy to think that they’re the ones in the wrong and all your actions were justified but you know most of the time in retrospect you realise that the stuff you did or said were as bad as or worse than theirs or sometimes you see that what they did weren’t as bad as you thought at the time. I think the best thing to do is just swallow your pride and just say sorry but you also have to make sure that you mean it or else its gnna be pointless, it might not seem like it at the time but itll probably come back in some way. Oh and another reason to apologise is because itll probably make both you and your friend feel better? I dnno but im assuming this applies for most people but when I get pissed over something like that it’s impossible to do work of any kind and that makes me mad even more because i just end up wasting a lot of time.
Hmm but yeah I know all of us already know this but its good have reminders.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterdays people’s nicknames = rofl
Yo Shelley, you know those mountains you love describing? Why don’t you go jump off one? – Yash
Ooo Shelley and Scott, sittin in a tree, makin- stupid-texts-in-their-stupid-contexts-reflecting-their values-I.N.G – Sachin
lol @ english core

Today for senior science we did a prac on radios and he had to like observe the differences between FM and AM radio qualities at different areas so we went around the whole school as a class stopping at random areas, turning it on at AM and FM and giving the quality of the sound produced a number out of 5 (5 being highest quality). To tell you the truth I don’t know the results or anything because I wasn’t even paying attention.

Firstly we had to leave the classroom so miss told everyone to take their valuables.
My valuables

Alan’s valuables ==

We went to the top oval and turned on the radio on FM and the song was Straight Lines by Silverchair (I think?). It was really nice. =D
Ms Thomas: you know what? Let’s forget about the prac and just sit here for the rest of the period
Class: yayy !!
*turns off radio*
Ms Thomas: just kidding let’s move on
Class: awww ==

Then we walked across the top oval, listened to the radio amongst the trees, walked towards the basketball courts and listened to it there.

Then went down towards the carpark

Ohh and btw if you look carefully at the top of the compost heaps theres like white stuff. I think that’s spider web. Scary T.T

Then we listened to the radio at the carpark then walked back up towards the canteen

We saw like heaps of year 7s just sitting in front of the assembly area eating? And this was period 3 I think. So yeahh they should enjoy things like that while they can lol

Listened to radio at canteen, walked past science rooms and Ms Thomas had to talk to someone so she told us to go and meet her at the ‘landing’. We said okay but after she left we realised we had no idea what or where that was so we just walked around aimlessly. Saw Tony seemingly doing some hardcore study, listened to the radio on the walkway near english rooms and then went back to class. And that was our prac lol xD

note to self:
dance when you're cold
do handstands when you have a blocked nose

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had less than 5 hours of sleep yesterday. I haven’t experienced that kinda stuff since like kyck when we wanted to play a prank on Gary but yeah lack of sleep due to assignments – not for a while. Did I miss it? No ==

Im so distracted in class these days because … I dnno ;; brains just not functioning properly. In senior and bio we just look for random games to make up so we can pass the time.
There’s a couple of vids I have from bio and senior but im lazy so I never got to upload them lol I guess ill do it some time in the future //


We only thought of 2 games this week. Well 3 but we don’t have evidence of the third game ‘lasso the highlighter with alan’s tie’.

Game #1 Flick the pencil through to upright pens.
You have to make sure the pencil spins or it doesn’t count.

Alan’s attempt #1

Alan: awww
John: *snickers*

John’s attempt #1

John: *claps*
Alan: aww!

Alan’s attempt #2

John: lol ==

Game #2 Karate chop the pencil over the ruler balancing over the glue stick

I didn’t attempt this because I was too noob.

Alan’s attempt #1

Alan’s attempt #2

You can tell we’re losers because we’re obviously impressed by his epic win. You can even hear the ohhhhh at the end lol

on an unrelated matter
my wrist hurts therefore guitaring hurts T.T

anyways ill post random videos randomly and hopefully youll find them at worst mildly amusing =]

sweet dreams
God bless