Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Thursday, April 29, 2010


We were eating dinner when my dad came out and sat down and just mumbled “the world is ending ... we should make a spaceship” and we were like 0.o and he goes “alright you don’t believe me now but when the time comes you’ll have to give me chocolate bars to get on my spaceship” and like half an hour later I was talking to my mum and we couldn’t help but notice my dad standing on the table with his hands next to his face like facing the ceiling and we asked him what he was doing ? and he replied “I was talking to aliens ... I had a connection established with my antennas (hands) but you disconnected it ... hey John you should try but you don’t need hands because your head is already big enough to be a satellite dish” ==;; no he wasn’t drunk. I think he was just bored. I love my family =D lol

Sunday, April 18, 2010


First of all, happy birthday Jessica! Not Girraween Jessica but SNSD (Girl’s Generation) Jessica. Yes I am a pathetic fanboy lol =.=

That guy singing/speaking/laughing/shouting in there has some serious issues.

I just found out that narwhals are actual animals??????
I thought they were just made up creatures from Charlie the unicorn 3.

hmmm and i swear theres like a pokemon or something that looks like a narwhal

Sweet dreams
God bless

Psalm 1

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi Everybody

Imagine this.

You’re driving a bus like any other day and there’s someone waiting at the bus stop 100m ahead. You do what any other bus driver would do and you get to the stop, press the button that opens the door and collect money from the person. This amount of money being collected will depend on whether the person is adult, child/concession etc. Now the person steps on the bus. The man’s wearing old worn out shoes, pair of dull and tacky jeans and a messy stained shirt with a big black beanie and a small dirty bag. You can feel the grim look from his half covered eyes and you observe his apparent low self esteem from his slumped shoulders. He stretches out his hand, full of silver coins, and strangely enough its sort of shaking/trembling and he says in a dull voice “Concession to Parramatta, $1.60” and adds “I’m going to the doctors”. Now would you contest this request/order + random statement coming from a shady person clearly not in his youth or just accept the bunch of silver coins and let him on the bus.

The bus driver let me on without asking me for a concession card. Hooray!
Firstly, I was wearing crappy, crappy shoes because they’re very comfortable.
Secondly, I was wearing crappy, crappy clothes because I have absolutely no taste when it comes to fashion.
Thirdly, a black beanie and a small red bag is what I take 99% of the time when I go out.
Fourthly, I wasn’t smiling and I was tired (explained below).
Fifthly (that’s a weird word), I had only silver coins left because I used all my gold coins paying $3.30 most of the time when going to Parramatta and the change is made up of silver coins.
Sixthly (also weird), my hand was shaking because I had 30 minutes left until my bus came right and I had two options.
1. Roll around in my backyard
2. Study
Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I chose number 1. so I stretched for like 30 seconds, jumped, rolled around and all that for 20 minutes, had a shower for 2 minutes and walked to the bus stop across my house for the remainder of the time because I walk slowly. I didn’t think that playing in my backyard would be so exhausting and my whole body was like shaking and just moving hurt.
Seventhly (weird as well), I tend to talk in a dull voice.
And Lastly (wired), I have no idea why I told the bus driver that I was going to the doctors..;;

Anyways I went to the doctors yesterday, well chest clinic to be exact, because I had an appointment for TB. Almost forgot because I lost track of time, day and date. And as I walked closer to the entrance I could smell the waiting room. A distinct smell of ... canned pupas... Anyone agree? Actually, nevermind. Anyways I got there a bit early and was reading a book while waiting and after like 15 minutes I was called in. Wow anyone else notice that every single sentence up to this point (excluding this one) started with the letter A? Does anyone even read this? lol Anyways (har har another A) the doctor asked me routine questions, got me to lie on the bed thingy and started tickling me. Okay he didn’t tickle me but im very ticklish and he was like poking here and there in my stomach asking me to inhale and exhale and stuff and to be honest, inside my head I was cracking up so hard but I couldn’t show it on my face because it would be preeetty awkward for both me and the doctor. I eventually half smiled but that was right at the end and at least it wasn’t a giggle. This all took less than 5 minutes. Sooo an hour bus ride (there and back) + 15 minutes waiting + 5 minutes with doctor = my trip to the doctors.

Sorry I have to ruin this already crappy blog with the mention of school but school starts on Monday. That sucks. I’m screwed. Have fun with the remainder of holidays everybody... which is like tomorrow . and that’s it. Back to school.

Back To School
Back To School
To Prove To Dad That I'm Not A Fool
I've Got My, Luch Packed Up
My Boots Tied Tight
I Hope I Don't Get In A Fight
Back To School
*sound of bus approachin*
“well here goes nothing”
*bus drives past without stopping*

Awesome song + Awesome movie haha

Sweet dreams
God bless

Job 38

Saturday, April 10, 2010

You know what sucks?

You know what sucks?
Knowing that there is a cockroach somewhere in your room but not being able to locate and completely annihilate it.
I was just lying down on my bed playing random stuff on the geetar you know just before going to sleep time and I was playing the C chord and random extra notes because I was bored and when I played the C chord with my pinky on the second fret of the high e string (sorry for those who have no idea what the heck I’m talking about) I heard ... a short ... err ... scuttle? scurry? scamper? of feet in the corner of my room behind these shelves. I hate cockroaches. I’m not gnna be able to sleep peacefully tonight. Oh and it doesn’t help when your dad tries to ‘comfort’ you with words like “ahh its okay people eat cockroaches you know? So think of it as a free meal? Ohh that’s a good idea okay no dinner for you tomorrow since you got that cockroach” and “you know what would be gross? If it climbs onto the ceiling above you and it dies and it falls down into your mouth and it tries to climb out by thrashing and it goes down your throat and you can’t breathe and ...” I tuned out at that point so I dnno what he said. I think I was pretty polite even listening up to that point.
but this brings me to the theory I have with the connection between creatures and music. I investigate this theory all the time at school with crows and pigeons. Hmmm I guess you can’t call it investigating because all I do is suddenly strum random chords and see their reaction and laugh like a dork.
Wow I wasn’t meant to talk about that for that long? Guess I got carried away because of my undying hate for cockroaches.
Today I went to Dani’s house. It was fun. We ate food. Good Great Awesome food. Oh and it was his birthday party. I’m sorry Dani for not getting you anything T.T and sorry for almost forgetting and sending a puny email in the afternoon of your birthday ;; I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow T.T Oh and sorry for getting to your party late. Farout I suck.
We watched “500 Days of Summer”. I agree with Tony. Slightly less than awesome than the food but still was very good movie. So real. So easy to empathise with. Now it is also my favourite movie for the moment.
Then half way through the movie we went to eat cake. Three different types of cake. THREE different types of cake! THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CAKE! All were super delicious haha
Happy Birthday Dani
I had a great time.
I just heard the cockroach again.

Sweet dreams
God bless

Esther 1

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i do feel like dancin'

I had a shower with my beanie on today. And noo I didn’t know the beanie was on my head. I was very sleepy. I only realised it when I turned on the water and something black started going over my eyes and no joke I freaked out so freaking much I think my heart stopped for a couple of seconds. I thought something was trying to rip off my head or suck my brains out or something. It was so scary. So so so so scary. It was like a scary movie that’s how scary it was. You know how in the scary movies where there’s a scary shower scene where people die or something scary happens. Yeah. Not fun.
ANYWAYS went library today to give Josh success one chemistry book thingo and found out I had to pay $3.30 to get there. Okay I know im asian and stuff but still that is A LOT of money because coming back was $3.30 as well and that’s $6.60 altogether ?? you know how many dance lessons I can get with that ?? 1 lesson costs $12 so I guess zero but yeah...
I went home at like 2 and then went back to Parramatta for hip hop + breaking yayy! And this time the bus driver charged me $1.60 so it was a very good start to the evening =). And now my legs hurt and I have burns on my shoulders from rolling around but I feel so good haha. Dancing = awesome form of stress release.
I went to the dance studio place last holidays with a bunch of guys to muck around and I still remember this convo. One of the guys was talking to me and giving me advice and stuff
Guy #1: you know this one awesome break dancer once told me that you have to be able to deal with getting put on the spot so that way you’ll be able to perform anywhere
Guy #2: didn’t I tell you that last week?
Guy#1: ... ohh yeahh haha good one *hi 5*

2 Chronicles 35

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Autumn Cleaning?

Hahahaha I cleaned my room today! It was my ... second time ? cleaning it this year whoo!
Have a look ! =D
You can actually see the floor

But that’s because…
Everything’s on my bed LOL =P hahahahahahahahahaha

Nahh jks haha this is how my bed looks when its clean.

Thanks Jessica for the chocolates!
That's my table. If you look carefully there's 2 free movie tickets *hint hint* haha xD

Hmmm I realised that I don’t like throwing away stuff? I like holding on to them for as long as possible even though they won’t even help me in the future =/ Things ranging from Twig, old school timetables, exam notices, bus tickets and even broken things like ear phones and phone parts. Yeahh im pretty weird haha and i was like this ever since i was small because i remember like getting chocolates or lollies from somewhere and i would ALWAYS keep em in my pocket or on a shelf and not eat them and then end up forgetting about it ==;; then id find them many months later just wondering "hmmm one bite couldn't hurt?"

Ohh and while I was cleaning I found a bag that I got from ... rice ? yes that was a very very very very long time ago. and we got lollies on that day and they were still in that bag haha >.< well I found a bible passage stuck to one of them and I really liked it

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance” James 1:2-3 :)

Well that’s it for today I think? Don’t forget people its daylight savings thing which means we get an extra hour of sleep !!!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tune the Rainbow

First morning of holidays felt pretty good. There was no need to wake up really early and I got to sleep in yayy! One of the first things I did though was a have a staring competition with a kookaburra that was sitting outside my window. Like I was watching random vids on youtube and I just looked outside my window but at the same time I turned around the kookaburras head turned around as well and we were just staring at each other for a while. My theory was if I didn’t move it wouldn’t see me. I think I was wrong. And I found out the kookaburra could keep an eye on me even though its back was facing me and that was scary.

There is an empty void in my wardrobe now, a space that used to be occupied by my nylon stringed guitar. It was my first guitar. I didn’t even name it. What happened was last night my scary but cool aunty came over to help my mum with some stuff and after laughing at my baldness for half the time she noticed that I had 3 guitars in my room and since her son was starting to learn she decided to take one of them. Her son = my cousin. He is fat. Anyways, my aunty is scary therefore I could not object or anything so she took it home T.T. i took it pretty well though;; only cried for 3 hours. I tried looking for pictures of it and I realised I didn’t have any =( mann I suck// however, after digging through stuff on my computer I did find a clip of me practicing a piece for music last year. Yes I know it’s not very good but it’s the only memory of my guitar I have left I think. I didn’t play it much but I still miss it T.T "You don't know what you got, until it's gone."

Well holidays just started and I think I should start by cleaning my room because I don’t understand how I’m still living in it. I think Andrew’s room is dirtier though lol =P

Oh and the other day i saw a cloud that looked like an animal … like a llamawolffoxdinosaur.

it ate my tree

Well have fun in these holidays people and have fun with studies =D

2 Chronicles 16