Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everybody ! =]

My Christmas day

-church lunch
-beach with family + church friends + chloe

i wrote my name in the sand

then chloe wrote "gay" and put an arrow pointing at me ==;;

oh and my dad caught a stingray but we let it go cause he says they look funny and they kill people

then we went dinner at eastwood but i didn take photos of all our food cause ... well if theres food in front of me ... i tend to start eating rather than think to take photos..

well that was my day hope yours was as good as / better than mine =]

only read further if you seriously have nothing better to do okay ?
its just random stuff im gnna put on just because i have nothing better to do and yeah i dont wanna waste your time or anything ==;;

everything is just made up btw i just took these photos while waiting for a big splash kinda thing but i had to wait ages and i got bored lol T.T

My dads like "hahaha *points* i found you"
and james is like farout ==;;

and my dads like hahahahahahahahahaha



hahahahahahhahahahahaha i win ! okay this time you guys hide

and james was like dad == WE were meant to find YOU but dads like okay this time you guys have to count over there and james has to piggy back chloe while spinning in a circle while blindfolded while counting to 117 because 117 is a product of 9 because I like snsd (yes my dad likes snsd) and 13 because I like super junior (im not sure if my dad likes super junior but meh) …

and then you have to play cops and robbers for an hour and then find 24 items starting with the letter 7 and james will be like uhh but dad that’s not a letter but my dad will be like and then youll have to take part in a triathlon down by the beach while wearing Christmas colours …

and then youll have to do 44 push ups and 44 sit ups and 44 froggy jumps and 44 leg raises and 44 crunches because im 44 years old (I think my dads 44 years old ?) and then youll have to find a treasure map that’s buried beneath a palm tree and youll have to use it to find a spoon that’s hidden somewhere in Sydney …
and james is like psst chloe im getting bored lets ditch this and chloes like okay !

but dads just like and then youll have to melt the spoon and mould it into a key which will open a door somewhere in newcastle which will put a hole in the fabric of time and youll have to enter it and then travel back in time to when justin bieber was born and then find him and then … lol jks don’t kill him because justin biebers awesome anyways …

and then find a purple and green car that’s parked in the parking lot because inside theres a suitcase filled with bricks and with those bricks build a big shed that’s big enough to fit a Christmas tree and 3 elves and then wait until it rains so that when santas making a return trip if hes running out of time he can stop by to lessen the weight on his sleigh and …

the grass will turn blue and then wow the water is kinda blue ? kinda green and like white ish cause of the waves ? hey james don’t you … hey where did you go ? ...
im lonely ...

and cold ...

and old ...

well at least thats what i think they were saying / thinking ? =]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Victor Kim … I think I love him. LOL

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is my first blog post thingy posted through an iPhone. I'm so excited. lol yes I still don't have Internet on my computer;; why ? because I'm too lazy to go and buy another Internet USB port thingy to replace the broken one >.< but yes it's quite interesting having no Internet in my room. Thought it would reduce the amount of time I spent on the Internet. But no ... I have an I phone and my mums laptop;; arghhhh can't seem to stop wasting time by youtubing and stuff T.T I'm procrastinating from guitaring ??? is that even possible ? I'm procrastinating from the thing I used to procrastinate with during the Hsc ??? it's like the hunter has become the hunted ... or whatever. lol;;

Well I'm gnna tell you the things I share the bed with when I go sleep time because I have nothing better to do =D ill be listing the things as I go through them in real life

A guitar
A ukulele
4 pillows
A cushion
2 blankets
A ruler (?)
A jumper I wear at home
A jumper I wear outside !!! Wow I thought I lost it so yesterday I ... Where did I go yesterday ... Somewhere cold but I can't seem to remember it right now
A bball singlet
A camera
2 arm warmers
A folder
A water bottle
2 white button up shirts
A foldable paper fan thingy
A scarf
A tie
5 pairs of jeans
2 shorts
A belt
A lion king simba plushie thingy
YAY I found my other water bottle =D good thing I decided to write this pointless post that no ones gnna see anyways cause theyre too busy having fun
A tissue box
5 cents
And I think that's it for now ?
And yes I have plenty of space to sleep in ... but my beds not that big ... but I'm not that small ... woah it must be magic ... like Harry potter ... but dobby died =( (sorry for the spoiler if you haven't read the book or watched the movie but its okay cause Emma Watson is so pretty T.T so pretty...)

umm... yeah I was trying to see if I could add a picture from the iPhone but turns out I can't >.< so yeah just added a pic from the web;;

Monday, December 6, 2010

I found out everything I thought of myself was a lie.
This means what you thought of me is probably a lie as well.
My life is a lie.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not emotionally unstable or anything I guess im just being realistic ? just a big eye opener I guess ;;
Probably not the best way to start a blog =/ but I thought I had to write it down somewhere

Ohh .. youre sleeping ..
Well at least Obil’s excited

The interviewer asks a simple question. “How are you today?”
And I just think *I’m fine thank you I’m fine thank you I’m fine thank* but as soon as I open my mouth to answer it comes out as “I’m thank you … == I mean I’m fine thank you” but other than that it was pretty fun lol

Newcastle interview !! IM EXCITED ! ARE YOU EXCITED HONG ??

Ohh .. youre sleeping ..
Well at least Obil’s excited

lol jks obil wasn’t there;; Hong was though cause he drove me up there and back, which took like more than 3 hours to go one way which involved stopping at a really crappy resting area and maccas.
oh and did you know there are like almost identical maccas + fuel place + some yoghurt shop on the opposite sides of the newcastle freeway ??? yeah ... trippy

Monday, November 29, 2010

I miss schoolies already =(

I miss going to the beach everyday
I miss playing table tennis with Guy Marsh
I miss Jessica’s random vegetable snacks
I miss eating stuff that I don’t usually eat at home. Today I went to the fridge because I was craving some yoghurt and I realised we didn’t have any.
I miss talking about kpop and dbsk and super junior and snsd with amara
I miss eating 2 dinners then dessert then more dinner
I miss eating a lot of eggs. A LOT of eggs.
I miss the past midnight snacks
I miss Amit’s overused catchphrases like “beef”, “awkward”, “CSB” and “HGH” which doesn’t stand for Hi Gary Ho
I miss performing songs for Grace
I miss putting sunscreen on Guy and Hong’s back … what ?
I miss Sophia bullying me just because she’s 11 days older than me
I miss Tony’s car
I miss being shocked at how much Nancy can eat
I miss 1 to 1 convos with various people
I miss Tim’s random photos
I miss seeing a different side to Steph;;
I miss the extra irregular sleep times (for me at least)
I miss the fun and happiness that came from being with everyone at that "cosy" beach house

Saturday, November 20, 2010

lol ummm yeah ... limited internet means lots of unblogged stuff so ill write about them sooner or later but they wont be in chronological order;;

saturday 20/11/10

slept over Hong's house

he made me 4 packets of migoreng + chinese dumplings and i couldnt finish them so he ate them instead

then next morning went to a park near sylvie/miffeh's house

then we wanted to go aquatic centre but sylvie couldnt go so we had to think of like something similar and equally as fun

shes actually soaked LOL

thanks to this guy

cough yes ... i played no role in this activity cough

thennnnn i went home and as soon as i got home my dad told me to mow the lawn and i was like mehhh and it was pretty boring so i decided to mow a big J into the grass

what ? it IS a J !! i even traced it with lemons so you can see it better =D

im pretty proud of myself i think i mowed the lawn pretty well

it went from

to ....

... okay ... the last ones not my house ... its some golf course in india or something ... ;;

well all up it took like an hour

30 minutes to find the lemons and 30 minutes to mow the lawn

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dad: where’s that word book?

Mum: what wordbook?

Dad: you know that wordbook you carry around

Mum: the dictionary?

Dad: yeahh that

Looks like he needs it lol

Friday, October 8, 2010

oh gosh its pink ==;; thanks miffeh/sylvie

and i swear its meant for girls

i just wanna be successfulll:: ...<3
Created by shelbyloveshayden and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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What is your name?: JongKimmeh
How old are you?: 17
Are you still in school?: yes ? no ? graduated ?
If yes, What grade?: 12
Are you single or taken?: Unfortunately ... single
If taken, by who?: Go away
When is your birthdate?: 16th October 1992
What is your favorite color?: Blue
Do you have unlimited texting?: No T.T
What kind of cellphone do you have?: Nokia N95
What is your moms name?: Youeng Un Lee (Joanne)
What is your dads name?: Seong Tae Kim (Steve)
Do you have any brothers or sisters?: Yes
If so, what are their names and age?: Douchebag james kim, 18
Whats your least favorite chore?: Vaccuuming
What subject are/were you worst at?: English ... T.T
What color is your hai?: Black
Is it natural?: Yes
What color are your eyes?: Black/Brown
Do you wear glasses or contacts?: No
What kind of car do you drive?: No
Are you registered to vote?: No
How much money to you have on you right now?: 20 cents ?
What is your favorite food?: Meat
What is your favorite movie?: Up ? Bolt ? Kung Fu Panda ? Cars ? Toy Story ?
What color is your bed sheets?: Beige
How many pillows are on your bed?: 5
Do you own any stuffed animals still?: ... Yes
Did you play with barbies when you were younger?: No ==
Do you own a laptop or desktop computer?: Yes
Who is your favorite singer?: TAEYEON
Have you ever ran away from home?: Yes
Do you still live with your parents?: Yes
What day is it?: Friday
What color dress did you wear to prom?: Yes
Whats your favorite animal?: Narwhal
Do you have any pets?: Not anymore
If so, what kind(s)?:
Do you have your own room?: Yes
What color is your floor?: Brown
What color is the walls?: Beige
Do you have your own tv?: Yes
What state do you live in?: NSW
Have you ever lived in any other state?: No
This or That
Dr Pepper or Crush Orange?: huh ?
Salt or Pepper?: Salt
Ketchup or Ranch?: Ketchup
Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Fingers?: Chicken Nuggets
Rain or Sunshine?: Rain
Drive or Walk?: Walk
History or Science?: Science
Text or Call?: Call
Computer or Tv?: Computer
Halloween or Christmas?: Christmas
Fourth of July or Valentines Day?: Single Awareness Day
Reading or Writing?: Reading
Drinking or Smoking?: Drinking
Water or Tea?: Water
Orange Juice or Milk?: Milk
Moon or Sun?: Moon
Church or Work?: Church
Mcdonalds or Wendys?: Mcdonalds
Milkshakes or Smoothies?: Milkshakes
Breakfast or Dinner?: Dinner
PB&J or Bologna&Cheese?: PB&J
:) or :D: :D
Money or Love?: Love
Swimming or Dancing?: Dancing
Summer or Winter?: Summer
Spring or Fall?: Spring
Jackets or Hoodies?: Jackets
Skinny Jeans or Baggy Jeans?: Baggy Jeans
Rock or Rap?: Rap
Pancakes or Waffles?: Waffles
Zombieland or Superbad?: Zombieland
Movies or Tv Shows?: Movies
1 or 2?: 2
Yes or No?: Maybe
Pink or Purple?: Pink
Blue or Green?: Blue
Take Pictures or Be in Pictures?: Take Pictures
Starburst or Laffy Taffy?: Starburst
Skittles or M&Ms?: M&Ms
Physical or Emotional Pain?: Physical
Straightened Hair or Curled Hair?: Straightened
Blonde or Brunnette?: Brunette
Blue Eyes or Brown Eyes?: Brown
Yellow or Orange?: Yellow
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2-D or 3-D Movies?: 4-D
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Lightening or Thunder?: Lightning
Rollerskating or Iceskating?: Iceskating
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Uno or Blackjack?: Uno
Wheel or Fortune or Deal or No Deal?: Deal or No Deal
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Favorite Store?: Yes
Favorite Drink?: Water
Favorite Day?: Friday
Favorite Month?: October
Favorite Subject:: Science
Favorite Letter:: Handwritten. In Ink.
Favorite Piercing:: Ear
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Favorite Highschool Teacher:: Yes
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Favorite Hair Color?: Brown
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trinket 3 says:

lol youre not stressing right ???

trinket <3 says:


that kept me laughing for like 2 hours T.T

english in less than 7 days ............................................ goooooood luck with study everybody =D lol

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have you ever tried typing with the keyboard upside down?? Well im trying it now… and its already been like a minute since I started writing this T.T I dnno why I bothered to write that because that also took me ages… and I don’t know why im typing upside down ? maybe I actually want to waste all this time because I don’t want to study ? but this is getting pretty frustrating because its taking AGES. Even using that caps lock for AGES took ages. Mmmm … I was going to talk about my day but its gnna take too long and its my bed time now lol ohhhhhhhh and after typing upside down for a while turn the keyboard the right way up and that’s pretty trippy as well =]

Friday, October 1, 2010

save me

Monday, September 27, 2010

On Windsor road at … 9pm ? after james picks me up from English tutoring

James: umm I think mums calling me right now
John: yupp
James: alright drive for me for a sec ?
John: … ?
James: hold the steering wheel
John: huh ??
James: quick quick quick
John: *holds the wheel* WTHWTHWTHWTH

He knows im scared of driving T.T douchebag ==

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

imaginasian by *SqueakyWan on deviantART

done by kristy wan

looks so awesome T.T

so glad we went in our last talent quest so now theres no regrets =]

tomorrows graduation ...


Friday, September 17, 2010

beach weather T.T

Monday, September 13, 2010

what am i doing ?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

wtf ?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Yesterday started off with

Dad: John you don’t need to take an umbrella to school its not gnna rain
John: are you sure ? it’s pretty cloudy and gloomy
Dad: Don’t you trust me ?? I checked and it’s not gnna rain
John: … but its starting to rain now ?
Dad: …
John: dad ?
Dad: lol you have to go to school

Mehh then school was a bludge and I managed to dance in most of the periods which made it less boring. Whenever the teachers ask me what im doing I just say “im stressed … so im distressing =]” and they let me continue haha

Japanese farewell party thing was pretty fun but I guess it would’ve been better if I got to know them more instead of just talking to them for the first time on their last day at girra and teaching them how to dance but yeah it was good

Left farewell party early go try and make it to Catherine’s surprise party at a restaurant on church street at parra and we were late so me and alan had to run to pendle which was freaking tiring. Despite all the running and worrying we were late anyways so T.T

We ate at Sitney ? a thai restaurant opposite the Sicilian place.
Thai food … where have you been all my life. Omgsh. No joke. T.T so awesome. So so so so so awesome. I love thai food. I don’t know what I was eating but it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. Oh and duck. Where have you been all my life. So yummy T.T as you can tell yeah my first time eating at a thai restaurant and first time eating duck. T.T The last time I had this kinda reaction was when I discovered fairy floss and that was pretty magical. I want to eat there everyday.

i think thats most of the food?
photography by alan thai. LOLOLOLOL his last name is thai and he ate at a thai restaurant

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Monday, August 16, 2010

Spare pens ? pfft I don’t need spare pens I have plenty already theres no chance that ALL of them would run out in one exam ? ……….

The matrix pen I got from attending a free seminar died
So I tried using the blue pen I borrowed from Jennifer. It died.
So I tried using the four coloured pen thingy … HOW CAN ALL 4 COLOURS RUN OUT AT THE SAME TIME
Then I had to turn to using a random green pen I had with me. It also died.
In the end I had to use my paser to finish off the exam … ==;; good thing I had plenty of spare led

During the exam (this is senior science btw) I got like a weird feeling coming from the right. The one where it feels like someone’s watching you ? so I turned around and Alan was just staring at me smiling. That made me lol internally pretty hard and that made alan crack up internally as well so we looked like douchebags. The ones where you can tell theyre gnna fail whatever theyre doing. I dnno how he did it but he finished the exam in like an hour and a half and for the rest of the time he either stared at me, tied his tie into a bow tie or danced. After I finished my exam I joined. It was good fun. Yeah .. we failed senior science LOL

However the thing that made me laugh the most last week and this week so far was a text I got from Trina. I dnno why I thought it was so funny (probably because it was Trina) at like 1230am. “So I thought I’d get some intense study done but like … The orks attacked the kingdom and exploded the wall and broke the gate and Aragorn threw Gimli at them … It was so intense.” LOL I love random stuff like that xD

Meh well good luck English Ext1, Jap continuers and French continuers people for tomorrow !

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My dad and I both have English exams on Tuesday.

None of us are studying for our English exams.

We are both watching the television

However I believe he will fail and I will … hmmm im not confident that I wont fail but I dnno I hope I don’t fail T.T

My dad will fail because hes a loser. I’m not saying I’m not a loser just that im .. the lesser of two losers .. and besides hes old LOL jks nahh I don’t hate my dad I just hate what he does and how he enjoys annoying me when I try to study =]

Arghhh I cant wait til trials are over im gnna dance like crazy and itll be awesome ! haha and I cant wait to clip my fingernails theyre so long and creepy looking and whenever i scratch my eye I keep stabbing myself in the eyeball

Good luck to Chemistry Drama and VA people who have exams tomorrow! You guys will do awesome =D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its cool how talking to happy people can make you happy =D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Omgsh I HATE UMAT ! no not you matt. lol today was the last day I could use that T.T but umats not that bad// only if I started studying many months ago when I actually attended the medentry thingo >.< umat umat umat umat umat. Umat is tomorrow at 8am. How ridiculous. I believe I can wake up in time and get ready in time and get there in time and finish the exam in time and do well … wait cancel that last part;; I hope I do well .
I didn’t do any umat tonight to let my brain rest from all the semi cramming ive been doing and instead I tried relaxing with a bit of 4u math but yeahh .. doesn’t work. So I started youtubing and got onto dance videos and this guy did this mad thing while doing a handstand so I thought why not and I went outside to try it. Yeahh .. don’t think it was a good idea. I had to go from standing on my hands down to my elbows and … now I can’t lift my arms higher than my head =]
Anyways ohh yesterday I wasn’t very happy and everything seemed to tick me off. The tv outside, the sound msn makes when someone talks to you, the lag on my internet, farting noises etc. yes farting noises ==;; I was sitting in my room trying to do umat and I kept hearing fart noises from outside and it started to really annoy me. I assumed it was my dad because hes known for stuff like that and I almost like ran outside to full tell him off but I decided not to. Turns out the sound was coming from my brothers computer because he thought it would be funny to change the msn sound to a fart sound so that whenever someone talked to him his computer would make the sound. I dnno … but when you hear it its actually pretty funny lol

I have to sleep now because the test is at 8am which means I gotta get there before 8am which means I have to get up really really early T.T
Wish me luck =D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hong says:
Slessors poetry has influenced my views on societal values and life. Through and analysis of the poems beach burial blahblah,
which poems r u doing
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:
3 poems
Hong says:
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:
im gnna go to sleep if im out of time cause i need to wake up early for the beach burial
Hong says:
no john
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:
Hong says:


Dani says:
sree says its elegy of
i'll go with elegy of
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:
i think its allergy of
sorry not the time ==
so its out of time
Dani says:
don't make me give you a beach burial.
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:
Dani says:
i could always put you to sleep *cracks knuckles*
=/ » BIGαzивσìí . ☆ says:

sorry T.T i actually expected more lame jokes on Slessor's poetry but the stress seems to have affected my abilities to come up with new ones lol

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad things happen to me in the shower. Wow that sounds a lot like what someone in prison would say.
Well what happened was I went in to have a shower and as soon as I turned on the water everything went pitch black. After screaming like a girl, and imo a very manly girl, I was freaking out. First thing that went through my mind was I hope I didn’t go blind. Thankfully I wasn’t blind because I could see a tiny bit better as my eyes got accustomed to the dark. Second thing that went through my mind was that better be water trickling down my leg LOL xD jks it wouldn’t matter because everyone pees in the shower..
But seriously I was pretty freaked out and I didn’t wanna close my eyes just in case something scary was staring me in the face when I opened them. Ohh and btw the lights went off because apparently my dad flicked on the kitchen light and something went click and then all the lines connected to that turned off? I dnno but it was just the lights that blew out so desk lights and computers and stuff connected to powerpoints were still on.
And since I started having a shower I couldn’t just walk out like that so I tried having a shower with the door open a bit so the light from the lamp in my brothers room allowed me to at least see what was going on in the shower. Now I dnno if it was intentional or not (probably was) but James decided to close his door so once again everything went pitch black == potentially could’ve had 2 heart attacks within like 10 minutes. Anyways I finished and got out to dry myself and it was so dark I couldn’t even see my schnoodle .. and by schnoodle I mean my toothbrush because I bought it from aldi and the brand was schnoodle .. ;; haha sorry . Oh and I made sure I didn’t look in the mirror because I watched too many scary movies.
And that was another bad experience in the shower.

Spain won the finals. The octopus is psychic. Psychic Paul. Another reason for me to not eat seafood. I missed most of the first half of the game and I missed the last 20 minutes ? because I fell asleep and I woke up at 12 so that was fail ==

Arghhhh I hate holidays !! cant even study T.T goodbye

Thursday, July 1, 2010

kebab and baklava for dinner and aladdin on tv ...
i am so happy right now lol

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korea lost T.T

But I dnno I’m not feeling as bad as I thought I would because both Korea and Uruguay played so well and it was a really good match I really enjoyed watching it

My mum was listening to the Korean commentary on her wireless headphones and she went to the bathroom right? And then Uruguay scored a goal and my mum shouts did Uruguay score? And we were like yeah how did you know? And she goes because the commentator just stopped talking lol When Korea got their goal we just went crazy I was hugging my dads arm he was grabbing my brothers hair, mum was like screaming and it was so epic haha xD but when Uruguay scored again we couldn’t complain because it was such a mad shot it was like perfect
To be honest I was closing my eyes for the last 5-10 minutes just praying my ass off but hey im imagining heaps of people doing the same thing on both sides lol so yeah im not feeling too bad right now =D my dads last words before he went to bed was“I hope Uruguay loses the next match and “Japan better lose as well” ==

i guess to make up for Korea's loss i'll have to play extra harder on thursday and you know like make it to the finals instead LOL ;;

OHHH yeahh ummm please come MAD ? i dnno like i want people to come but i dont want people to come at the same time. i wanna perform but i have stage fright and im really scared T.T anyways im gnna try and get some sleep nights !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I realised that for the whole month I thought we were in May …
Like I knew it was June but on my sheets and in my books I wrote down: day/05/10
Whats even stupideris that I checked more than once using my knuckles to determine whether this month had 30 or 31 days and still didn’t figure out that 05 = May and 06 = June. ;;

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its like almost 4:30 … I cant believe I managed to wake up T.T I had less than 4 hours of sleep because I was dumb and decided to sleep later than 12
Korea vs Nigeria is about to start and I have to watch it through the internet on another language because on tv theyre gnna show the Argentina match ;;
Haha ill finish this blog later
Kick off !!
Korea Fighting !!

Okay the game just finished

Korea 2 : 2 Nigeria

Korea goes to the next round !! yayy

stupid bald korean guy cost Korea a goal really early and then korea scored 2 goals (Jung Soo and Chu Young) and then another stupid mistake = penalty kick for nigeria guy who scored
btw Chu Young = Guy Marsh i dnno why but it looks apparent now lol

im happy =D

if we lost i was gnna try and take a nap but since we're going through i cant sleep T.T

gnna be dead at school ==

Monday, June 21, 2010

You know whats scary?

I was singing a song in my head while doing the laundry and my dad came to help and he started singing the song lol I didn’t know he was bulimic ? =P

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maths = fail T.T
I am so not ready for Tuesdays test its not funny =(

Last night I was in bed watching the Australia game and I was really really sleepy right ? and I was struggling to stay awake and then Australia scored a goal and I was all hyped again and I was thinking yupp I think Im gnna be able to stay awake for the whole match! And that’s the last thing I remember .. I accidentally fell asleep and when I woke up it was couple seconds before the final whistle and I was like wow that felt like a couple of hours ? and I checked the time on my fone and I realized I fell asleep in the first half of the live game and I woke up at the final minute of the REPLAY of the same match T.T haha but yeah the sleep felt like a couple of hours because I had a HUGE dream where so many different people came out and it was like in all these different locations with weapons and gaining levels and eating. It was cool because I haven’t had that kinda dream in a while. Well I had it the day before but before that I didn’t have much crazy dreams. I think over the 2 nights every single person in our grade appeared in my dream. And this morning I fell asleep again after that final whistle and what woke me up was Sarah’s text saying she couldn’t find her voice xD and I replied with something lame as usual and while I was waiting for her reply I fell asleep AGAIN except I didn’t know? I realized I was asleep when I started rollerblading because she wasn’t replying quickly. Oh and the fact that my bio class + some year 11 dude were rollerblading with me and ms Thomas was teaching us some pro skills ;; when I woke up I found out she actually texted back pretty quickly but I was late for church so I don’t remember what happened after that.

Please save me T.T

Thursday, June 17, 2010

T.T korea lost against argentina
Was a pretty good game though korea just got outclassed because wow argentina = tank
and tevez is like beast I liken him to the uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings because they were like beast as well. And they both have long hair.
Messi is like a genius. Just pure talent.
My mum hates Higuain because she thinks hes just really lucky and im not going to argue against her because I like eating dinner everyday.
My dad hates Chu Young because he got an own goal. Im not going to tell him to calm down because I enjoy my peace and quiet when im trying to study.
Sigh well I had a lot of money on this match and I seriously hoped Korea would win but yeahh now I owe 20 cents to Trina and 20 cents to Trishna. Oh and like 10 minutes after the game I get a text message from Trina “ARGENTINAAA!!!!!” what a bi.........g hearted person who is very lovely to know;;
At least I didn’t cry this time?
Now we can just hope Greece wins against Nigeria =D lol and that game starts soon I MIGHT watch it or like fall asleep watching it


My day started really early because I wanted to start memorising my essay (which is really late I know ==) and I had alarms every 5 minutes starting at 5 am. BUT I woke up at 5am then turned off the alarm and then fell asleep then woke up 5 minutes later then covered the speaker bit with my hand so it didn’t wake up anyone else but I fell asleep like that and then I woke up 1 hour later. The alarm did wake me for the hour because my hand was so tight over the speakers that the sound was muffled out and I could barely hear it T.T so I ended up getting up at 6 and I was about to start but I got distracted when I looked outside the window and it was a violet sky and I was just mesmerised and then I spotted a rainbow in the violet sky so I ran outside to stare at it for a while.

English = fail

After school I went to pick up medicine from the chest clinic and afterwards I went to look at guitars at billy hyde (sorry tony we’ll still go on Saturday =) ) and I was just looking around and trying out new guitars. I was playing around with the $1000 - $1500 range guitars and I expected to be blown away by the quality but they weren’t THAT great which kinda confused me. HOWEVER after like 45 minutes of lingering I picked up a maton one and omgsh I think I fell in love. The guitar sounded SOOOOOO nice it just felt like the right guitar for me and I was in awe by the timbre and texture of the sound produced it was so cool. I was at the shop for ages and at like 5:15 I started walking to my bus stop on church street and when I got there I checked my timetable and according to the schedule I apprently missed the bus by 10 minutes but knowing that 606 doesn’t like to follow the timetable I asked one of the people if the bus already came and the man was like ummm sort of ? and I was like huh ? what do you mean and he said well its here right now ? and I turned around and the bus was coming around the corner lol and the guy was like that was pretty good timing and gave me thumbs up I felt so cool haha.

Ohh and fun fact for you

Maradona doesn’t like the Korean coach
You know why?
Because apparently 24 years ago both coaches were players on their national teams and it was korea vs argentina and the Korean coach went for the ball but accidentally kicked maradona in the leg and he was in a lot of pain LOL so in a way maradona got his revenge ? lol