Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


ohh so that's where pacman lives ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After labouring away on my 6 string ed cittern for many ures I had decided to cleanse myself of all the grime in the privy. However, when I stepped inside, what hath caught my eye? A foul hairy beast glaring at me with its claws poised in the air, biding its time for its moment to strike! I cautiously backed away looking for a weapon of some sort to destroy this monster but this was to no avail as the only thing I could grasp was a small steel can smelling of something scrumptious it used to contain. It took all the gray matter in my noggin to conjure up a plan to tame this fiend. My plan was to take advantage of my superior speed and entrap the brute inside the can. First attempt. I waited until it was distracted and carefully crept around ready to carry out my plan. A wild swing. Alas, the wild creature was too swift and agile for my pathetic effort and managed to get away unscathed. However my second attempt was successful and the critter was now safely encased in the can so I just wrapped it glad wrap and chucked it in the bin.
And that is how I conquered the mighty cockroach with a Pringles can.
Yeahh .. we can tell who’s had way too much time on their hands.

It's been raining a lot lately. yayy!! i love the rain! but gloomy mornings do make it so much harder to get out of bed. i went for a shower and i almost washed my hair (or head) with toothpaste. yes i was really really sleepy.

and i'm sleepy now so bb

ohh and good luck physics + english ext1 + chem + history extension + japanese people!

sweet dreams
God bless

2 Chronicles 1

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

It's Earth Hour !!
i didnt know until like 5 seconds ago when i saw it on someone's msn name and i was like ohh noo i missed it but i checked on the site and theres the count down bar and it was at 49 seconds to go. and now im in complete darkness... well apart from the monitor screen glaring at me and burning my eyeballs. Candles would be sooooo cool right now (suggested by creative genius Sarah Liu) but unfortunately i dont have any// maybe we should do it next year! like get a bunch of people together and light up candles and play games and stuff. no ghost stories though. and what a shame ~ the lights are off so i guess i cant study ? lol today was so unproductive. and it was really hot.
hmmm i have 3u maths and senior science prac on monday. NEED to try study for maths. i think im going to study for senior in the time i have after maths. thennnnn non stop guitar until 11.20 on thursday! fun.
On a random note, on my msn list theres hong right and theres this other guy and his msn name was kong. after laughing at that for a couple of hours i put them together and took a screen shot. yes i had nothing better to do. i guess i shouldve studied;;

After ... biology we didnt feel like studying for senior science (wasnt a very good idea) so we decided to play in the grass behind the library.

Here hong and alan are best friends

Now they are more than friends

Alan wants to leave but Hong can't let him go;;

Now they are back to friends

Now its a threesome. Guest appearance by Matthew Uchiha lol

haha umm theres a video of Hong attempting one of the flips but itll be slack to post it online. i watch it when im sad. it makes me happy. lol jks >.<

hmmm i dont think anyone else is doing Earth Hour? it would be pretty funny if i was doing it on the wrong day or something lol well i dont care ill leave the lights off

good luck with studies people!

2 Kings 21

Monday, March 22, 2010


Music theory was today. It sucked. We studied really hard in the library beforehand? LOL did anyone believe that? please say yes T.T well Jessica decided to draw on the back of my head and it looked so cool so we took photos ;; btw its pretty scary because this had no connection to tony and his cousins whatsoever
I rekon that looks soooo real and funny haha
and after when we were walking to the station we saw someone that looked like me so we took another photo (its the light bulb thing down there)
He looks more like me than my own brother.
All this drawing and taking photos was pretty fun but people looked at me weirdly at westfield and also i forgot about it when i got home and my dad kept laughing because he though i fell asleep at school and someone drew it on ==;;
oh and since i forgot about it that means i left it until shower time and it took so long to get it off? pretty dumb but i thought it was gnna come out easily. and now my head smells like a bar of soap.
well i got english tomorrow and im screwed. I'm also screwed for all the other subjects this week. Help T.T

Sweet dreams
God bless!

1 Kings 19

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I’m not happy today T.T and I’m having trouble smiling and its because of many many many boring things so we’ll just skip that bit.
I was sooo sleepy at church today and I almost fell asleep while drumming like 10 times. No one could tell though, my drumming sounds the same anyways lol. Oh and no one knew that I shaved my head on Wednesday so when everyone was pretty surprised. Most people were like oh wow good on you and stuff but this one lady she was just like =O and just stared for ages and that was pretty creepy haha.
It was really hot today I think and the sunset looked so cool because the sky looked like it was on fire. Yes I am aware of my noob camera skills but I just couldn’t resist. Maybe I should have.

Stress is killing me and I had a half panic attack today but tony was like yo wassup chill bro (may not be accurate) and stress levels went down so thanks Tony lol.
I thought of a quote that I heard many years ago and it stayed in my head so it must be good?

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” ~ Henry Kissinger

So when I grow up I’m gnna look like that 8D.

Got music theory tomorrow! Wish me luck =D and Good luck chem people!

Sweet dreams
God bless!

1 Kings 15

Saturday, March 20, 2010

*Insert cool/random title*

Heres a picture of an onion i found in my backyard today =D. yeah its pretty weird but whats even weirder was that i found it underneath the mandarin tree ?

That tree /////////////////

That kept me preoccupied for a while because my brain was fried from schoolwork.

Well i did my Biology practical exam yesterday and that was okay... stuff i studied weren't in it and the stuff i didnt study were lol and now its like 1/10 finished. Everyone else seems to be counting down and i wanna be cool too =D haha got ... music theory on monday, english on tuesday, 4u on wednesday, biology theory on thursday, senior science theory on friday. and thats the first week. my first week sucks ==;; then its like 3u and senior science practical on monday then 2 whole days break for music practical on thursday where i'll be non stop guitaring for the 2 days and i assume my fingers will fall off yayy !
Good luck to everyone in their exams ! and have fun studying .. ?

Sweet Dreams
God bless

1 Kings 8

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I got home today and my brother forgot I shaved my head so he had another laughing session at my expense but he showed me some cool stick/staff twirling skills he learnt at uni after and taught me a bit so I guess that evened it out. I’m so excited about learning it because it looks sooo cool and hopefully I can entertain some people with it and doing that kinda stuff makes me smile haha

My dad got home in … I guess a more annoying mood today. First thing he did was smack me across the head and laughed because it made a funny noise. I gave him a bear hug and sandpapered/hedgehogged him (because my head is like a sandpaper/hedgehog) and he didn’t think it was funny anymore. And this prompted him to get revenge even though he started it >=( (wow that sounds so immature) and he did this by hiding in random places and jumping out and sticking post it notes on the back of my head and giggling like a girl and running away ==;;

Apart from that my afternoons been pretty boring. Got a biology practical exam tomorrow and I haven’t studied for it properly yet sooo yeahh T.T and im too sleepy to do anything right now. I’ll just go to school normal time and study then I guess ?

Good luck to everyone with their exams ! I hope all of you guys do well but I’ll probably be depressed if you do haha ;; but don’t mind me go ahead and ace everything =D I shall go to bed now

Sweet dreams
God bless !

1 Kings 3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sleepy @_@

nothing much happened today ...
was pretty ordinary // im just gnna go to bed now.
ohh and i shaved my head.

sweet dreams
God bless lol

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i don't think i understand the gravity of the situation here. i don't even know if that makes sense but I'm incapable of caring about that right now.


In less than 3 days half yearlies are going to start and
- I haven’t started revising for music
- I haven’t started learning my second piece
- I haven’t started revising the topics in the year 12 textbook
- I don’t understand most of the stuff in 4 unit maths
- I got 50% in my senior science topic test
- Haven’t finished writing notes for bio
- Haven’t finished writing notes for senior
- I haven’t touched English
- I’m blogging instead of hardcore studying

I'm pretty sure there's more but my brain went to bed early and I cannot think of anymore right now.

Ohh and I guess in less than 24 hours I will be bald.

two words .

I’m scared.

lol ;; i was gnna use two different words but i want to keep this G rated

Hmmm I’ll get through this … somehow. =] gotta remember we're all in the same boat. a boat that's sinking real quickly. anyways i bet there are people worse off than me so it would be pretty selfish of me to have a breakdown right now ;; so for now i'll ... soldier on ? haha

i'll be praying for our grade so if anyones got prayer points i guess you should tell me =D
have faith !

sweet dreams
God bless

1 Kings 1

Monday, March 15, 2010

Partly Cloudy

today was a pretty gloomy day for some reason and i didnt like it very much;; i was like sighing all day
highlight of the day i guess was music because i went up in the top oval by myself and just did whatever
tried taking pictures of clouds because they looked so yummy but i suck at taking photos ==;; and yeah
umm ohh yeahh i got ambushed today by jessica tony hong gary steph who attempted to spike my hair up with gatsby (?) and that was pretty fun too it made me smile haha
sorry for being so much of an introvert and refusing to crazy with it T.T although when i got home i full put my hair back instead of using a hairband but i dont think you guys would care much for that lol
all this uploading pictures and stuff is so confusing @_@ hope i'll get used to it soon ?
well im off for now
sweet dreams
God bless ~

2 Samuel 17

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Core Hw ;;

Core Hw is a b... ear ...
I am smart therefore i left it till the last day ==;;
i didnt mean to right ? i actually started attempting it on monday but effortlessly managed to find ways to procrastinate.
Monday - wasted a good hour and a half playing with Guy's super magnet and i gotta say it's so cool haha I used it to make my paser dance around my table (fun) and accidentally got my hair stuck onto my bed (not so fun)
Tuesday - no super magnet because Guy wanted it back so badly. badly enough to call me a whore lol. so i actually believed i could get a lot of work done but noo i had to get the pokemon theme song stuck in my head during my shower. dont ask why it was in the shower. and i spent two hours youtubing random pokemon vids and finding chords for the theme songs.
Wednesday - didn't think making a sandwhich would take so long. my job was to crack hard boiled eggs and then cut them into slices and that took ages because
we kept eating them. oh and my brother had an interesting conversation with my mum

James: it was really hot in the train today and i was sitting next to this really fat man

Mum: why did you sit there ?

James: where else do i sit ?


oh and tomorrow is cross country and after we're going to dye our hair. If youre reading this I trust you Steph and i trust you Mary. So please dont screw up haha >.<
well it's really late right now and i should sleep
sweet dreams
God bless :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

everythings so ... new ?

ummm well Guys been asking me to start blogging and i told him yesterday that i would do it tomorrow and thats today and i don't wanna lose the small amount of trust he has in me soo here i am making my first post
woww draft autosave ? so hi tech ;;
i thought of starting one during the holidays but i assumed it would die within days because i wouldn't have anything to talk about //
we'll just see how this goes =D

wellll today i ... procrastinated ... a lot ... and that made me sad.
half yearlies are what . 13 days away ? and i spent the day eating youtubing and trying to take a photo of a dragonfly that landed on the clothesline. i would show them but i'm crappy at taking photos and i don't think you can see it properly
on a random note my mum just came in my room and put eye drop stuff into my eyeballs
i asked why and she said its to refresh my eyes because apparently they look fat today ==

well theres not much more to say i'm sorry if this was a pretty lame first post
i promose it will get better sooner or later haha maybe you'll get to know a side of me you haven't seen before ? well anyways i'm pretty tired so bye for now !

sweet dreams
God bless