Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Monday, November 29, 2010

I miss schoolies already =(

I miss going to the beach everyday
I miss playing table tennis with Guy Marsh
I miss Jessica’s random vegetable snacks
I miss eating stuff that I don’t usually eat at home. Today I went to the fridge because I was craving some yoghurt and I realised we didn’t have any.
I miss talking about kpop and dbsk and super junior and snsd with amara
I miss eating 2 dinners then dessert then more dinner
I miss eating a lot of eggs. A LOT of eggs.
I miss the past midnight snacks
I miss Amit’s overused catchphrases like “beef”, “awkward”, “CSB” and “HGH” which doesn’t stand for Hi Gary Ho
I miss performing songs for Grace
I miss putting sunscreen on Guy and Hong’s back … what ?
I miss Sophia bullying me just because she’s 11 days older than me
I miss Tony’s car
I miss being shocked at how much Nancy can eat
I miss 1 to 1 convos with various people
I miss Tim’s random photos
I miss seeing a different side to Steph;;
I miss the extra irregular sleep times (for me at least)
I miss the fun and happiness that came from being with everyone at that "cosy" beach house

Saturday, November 20, 2010

lol ummm yeah ... limited internet means lots of unblogged stuff so ill write about them sooner or later but they wont be in chronological order;;

saturday 20/11/10

slept over Hong's house

he made me 4 packets of migoreng + chinese dumplings and i couldnt finish them so he ate them instead

then next morning went to a park near sylvie/miffeh's house

then we wanted to go aquatic centre but sylvie couldnt go so we had to think of like something similar and equally as fun

shes actually soaked LOL

thanks to this guy

cough yes ... i played no role in this activity cough

thennnnn i went home and as soon as i got home my dad told me to mow the lawn and i was like mehhh and it was pretty boring so i decided to mow a big J into the grass

what ? it IS a J !! i even traced it with lemons so you can see it better =D

im pretty proud of myself i think i mowed the lawn pretty well

it went from

to ....

... okay ... the last ones not my house ... its some golf course in india or something ... ;;

well all up it took like an hour

30 minutes to find the lemons and 30 minutes to mow the lawn