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Saturday, May 15, 2010

long time no see :D
wow i havent blogged in such a long time. probably because i was very lazy;; and yeah this ones gnna be pretty long + boring + random. well yeahh a lot of things happened since the last time i blogged and i dont usually write about the more important/significant events (kyck + john mayer concert) because well someone else usually does it before me and it would get boring to read the same stuff again? next time ill just direct you to their pages haha
my computer died ... 2 weeks ago ? i lost everything on the computer because i didnt back things up because i trusted my computer :( it made me sad. and it doesnt help when everyone tells you the same thing. "you should have backed your things up on a harddrive" i dnno but that word "should" kinda shows that what they just said does not help me at all and moreover yeah don't you think i figured that out now? but theyre just trying to help so yeahh;;
i keep procrastinating T.T and its always through youtube and guitar? trying to learn songs that no ones going to hear kinda seems pointless but i guess ill either get enough courage to perform orrr stop trying so hard at it and start focusing on something else. i sure hope its the first one.
i kinda realised that this post is gnna be pretty boring to read because what i wrote so far isnt going to make anyone laugh;; arghhh so much to write about but not enough brain power T.T i should be more diligent with blogging like sarah and amy
oh one thing that made me laugh pretty hard today
mum: wheres james?
me: gone to library to study
mum + dad + me: hahahahahaha
dad: who actually believes he went to study
dad: who thinks its a girl
(i put my hand up)
mum: i think hes gone to parra to buy us nice presents
mum + dad + me: hahahahahaha xD

oh and my dad picked me up from tutoring and we had the windows rolled down right? and we were almost home and he started rolling them up and i asked him why and he just smiled and said "i farted" and locked the doors ==;;

Jesse Barrera's new music video came out this week !! awesome song !! hes one of my favourite youtube artists =D watching this makes me want a girlfriend T.T haha they look so happy

oh and ummm i have many boxes of nutrigrain stacked up by none other than my dad

he so asian. reminds me of jessica and how she manages to pose no matter what the situation lol and yes i eat all of that by myself

i purposely didnt write about kyck as soon as i came back from it because i felt like it would be pointless if i ... err how do you say this ... went back to living the life i was living ? if i remained unchanged ? so yeah i was meant to wait 2 weeks before writing about it but yeah i got lazy T.T which is not a good thing because procrastinating is a sin! lol but yeah its weird. i think ive half changed? in some areas i can see the difference but not so much in other aspects of life which is not very good so i should you know constantly rely on God to keep me on track and not focus so much on worldy things

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him
and he will make your paths straight"

- Proverbs 3:5

interestingly enough i remember ranting to someone, i dont remember who, about my current situation and stuff and i was going off about how i couldnt manage myself and concentrate on the things that were important and i said something like "im not in control. and i dont like that" and as soon as i said that i was pretty shocked because thats like going against whats meant to be the norm in a christian point of view. we are not in control, God is. but yeah ill rant about this topic some more next time.

woww this blog was pretty random sort of like a stream of conciousness =/
if you read all this then wow as if not study for maths and thank you lol
ill try and post more >.<

sweet dreams
God bless

Proverbs 10


  1. Tangled Up is so awesome.
    Can't wait to here your cover of it john =D

    btw, i forgot to mention that your bro ignored me when i saw him twice in parra library. slap him for me (y) thanx xD

    post moreeee xD

  2. hahah your dad actually does look like Jess in the kbbq pics LOL

  3. I've told you how much I love your dad before xD
    I'll just reiterate it