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Friday, September 3, 2010

Yesterday started off with

Dad: John you don’t need to take an umbrella to school its not gnna rain
John: are you sure ? it’s pretty cloudy and gloomy
Dad: Don’t you trust me ?? I checked and it’s not gnna rain
John: … but its starting to rain now ?
Dad: …
John: dad ?
Dad: lol you have to go to school

Mehh then school was a bludge and I managed to dance in most of the periods which made it less boring. Whenever the teachers ask me what im doing I just say “im stressed … so im distressing =]” and they let me continue haha

Japanese farewell party thing was pretty fun but I guess it would’ve been better if I got to know them more instead of just talking to them for the first time on their last day at girra and teaching them how to dance but yeah it was good

Left farewell party early go try and make it to Catherine’s surprise party at a restaurant on church street at parra and we were late so me and alan had to run to pendle which was freaking tiring. Despite all the running and worrying we were late anyways so T.T

We ate at Sitney ? a thai restaurant opposite the Sicilian place.
Thai food … where have you been all my life. Omgsh. No joke. T.T so awesome. So so so so so awesome. I love thai food. I don’t know what I was eating but it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. Oh and duck. Where have you been all my life. So yummy T.T as you can tell yeah my first time eating at a thai restaurant and first time eating duck. T.T The last time I had this kinda reaction was when I discovered fairy floss and that was pretty magical. I want to eat there everyday.

i think thats most of the food?
photography by alan thai. LOLOLOLOL his last name is thai and he ate at a thai restaurant

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