Accept everything about yourself--I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end--no apologies, no regrets. ~ Henry Kissinger

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad things happen to me in the shower. Wow that sounds a lot like what someone in prison would say.
Well what happened was I went in to have a shower and as soon as I turned on the water everything went pitch black. After screaming like a girl, and imo a very manly girl, I was freaking out. First thing that went through my mind was I hope I didn’t go blind. Thankfully I wasn’t blind because I could see a tiny bit better as my eyes got accustomed to the dark. Second thing that went through my mind was that better be water trickling down my leg LOL xD jks it wouldn’t matter because everyone pees in the shower..
But seriously I was pretty freaked out and I didn’t wanna close my eyes just in case something scary was staring me in the face when I opened them. Ohh and btw the lights went off because apparently my dad flicked on the kitchen light and something went click and then all the lines connected to that turned off? I dnno but it was just the lights that blew out so desk lights and computers and stuff connected to powerpoints were still on.
And since I started having a shower I couldn’t just walk out like that so I tried having a shower with the door open a bit so the light from the lamp in my brothers room allowed me to at least see what was going on in the shower. Now I dnno if it was intentional or not (probably was) but James decided to close his door so once again everything went pitch black == potentially could’ve had 2 heart attacks within like 10 minutes. Anyways I finished and got out to dry myself and it was so dark I couldn’t even see my schnoodle .. and by schnoodle I mean my toothbrush because I bought it from aldi and the brand was schnoodle .. ;; haha sorry . Oh and I made sure I didn’t look in the mirror because I watched too many scary movies.
And that was another bad experience in the shower.

Spain won the finals. The octopus is psychic. Psychic Paul. Another reason for me to not eat seafood. I missed most of the first half of the game and I missed the last 20 minutes ? because I fell asleep and I woke up at 12 so that was fail ==

Arghhhh I hate holidays !! cant even study T.T goodbye


  1. Ooh, that happened to me before. I just shrugged & kept showering, haha.

    You make me feel manly;;

  2. If that happened to me I would run out of the shower, bring back a lamp and 2 torches, them resume showering.