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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Omgsh I HATE UMAT ! no not you matt. lol today was the last day I could use that T.T but umats not that bad// only if I started studying many months ago when I actually attended the medentry thingo >.< umat umat umat umat umat. Umat is tomorrow at 8am. How ridiculous. I believe I can wake up in time and get ready in time and get there in time and finish the exam in time and do well … wait cancel that last part;; I hope I do well .
I didn’t do any umat tonight to let my brain rest from all the semi cramming ive been doing and instead I tried relaxing with a bit of 4u math but yeahh .. doesn’t work. So I started youtubing and got onto dance videos and this guy did this mad thing while doing a handstand so I thought why not and I went outside to try it. Yeahh .. don’t think it was a good idea. I had to go from standing on my hands down to my elbows and … now I can’t lift my arms higher than my head =]
Anyways ohh yesterday I wasn’t very happy and everything seemed to tick me off. The tv outside, the sound msn makes when someone talks to you, the lag on my internet, farting noises etc. yes farting noises ==;; I was sitting in my room trying to do umat and I kept hearing fart noises from outside and it started to really annoy me. I assumed it was my dad because hes known for stuff like that and I almost like ran outside to full tell him off but I decided not to. Turns out the sound was coming from my brothers computer because he thought it would be funny to change the msn sound to a fart sound so that whenever someone talked to him his computer would make the sound. I dnno … but when you hear it its actually pretty funny lol

I have to sleep now because the test is at 8am which means I gotta get there before 8am which means I have to get up really really early T.T
Wish me luck =D

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  1. Good luck John!! I know you'll do awesome :)