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Sunday, August 8, 2010

My dad and I both have English exams on Tuesday.

None of us are studying for our English exams.

We are both watching the television

However I believe he will fail and I will … hmmm im not confident that I wont fail but I dnno I hope I don’t fail T.T

My dad will fail because hes a loser. I’m not saying I’m not a loser just that im .. the lesser of two losers .. and besides hes old LOL jks nahh I don’t hate my dad I just hate what he does and how he enjoys annoying me when I try to study =]

Arghhh I cant wait til trials are over im gnna dance like crazy and itll be awesome ! haha and I cant wait to clip my fingernails theyre so long and creepy looking and whenever i scratch my eye I keep stabbing myself in the eyeball

Good luck to Chemistry Drama and VA people who have exams tomorrow! You guys will do awesome =D


  1. i ♥ you're dad and i've only ever been a passenger in his car...and failure in english is not possible, how could you fail english, you come from a firm english speaking background and are of english speaking heritage

  2. lol @ your fingernails bahahha.

    Good luck for tmrw!! :)

  3. @Guy haha man that was aaaaaggggeeeesssss ago lol ==

    @Steph you too !! and btw i completely forgot but seriously youre a genius