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Monday, August 16, 2010

Spare pens ? pfft I don’t need spare pens I have plenty already theres no chance that ALL of them would run out in one exam ? ……….

The matrix pen I got from attending a free seminar died
So I tried using the blue pen I borrowed from Jennifer. It died.
So I tried using the four coloured pen thingy … HOW CAN ALL 4 COLOURS RUN OUT AT THE SAME TIME
Then I had to turn to using a random green pen I had with me. It also died.
In the end I had to use my paser to finish off the exam … ==;; good thing I had plenty of spare led

During the exam (this is senior science btw) I got like a weird feeling coming from the right. The one where it feels like someone’s watching you ? so I turned around and Alan was just staring at me smiling. That made me lol internally pretty hard and that made alan crack up internally as well so we looked like douchebags. The ones where you can tell theyre gnna fail whatever theyre doing. I dnno how he did it but he finished the exam in like an hour and a half and for the rest of the time he either stared at me, tied his tie into a bow tie or danced. After I finished my exam I joined. It was good fun. Yeah .. we failed senior science LOL

However the thing that made me laugh the most last week and this week so far was a text I got from Trina. I dnno why I thought it was so funny (probably because it was Trina) at like 1230am. “So I thought I’d get some intense study done but like … The orks attacked the kingdom and exploded the wall and broke the gate and Aragorn threw Gimli at them … It was so intense.” LOL I love random stuff like that xD

Meh well good luck English Ext1, Jap continuers and French continuers people for tomorrow !

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