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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

JONGKIM add please =D says:
*dont diss dobby
*havent you watched the movie
*and emma watson is really pretty says:
*yeah but dobby was realyl ugly
*plus voldemort is really ugly
*so it cancels out
JONGKIM add please =D says:
*lol no ???
*emma watson outshines em all
*theres still a shift in the equilibrium
*a shift that will not balance itself says:
*ok look the movie has to maintain homeostasis
*and that means a relative balance in ugliness and prettyness
JONGKIM add please =D says:
*LOL says:
*but clearly osmosis cant happen (when prettyness mvoes against its concentration gradient)
*cause of hydrostatic pressure
JONGKIM add please =D says:
*okay what if daniel radcliffs bad acting balances it says:
*due to ugly doby
JONGKIM add please =D says:
*LOL omgsh xD says:
*hey daniel radcliff acts well
*ahahaha get it?
JONGKIM add please =D says:


  1. LOLOLOL. omg can't believe you guyssss.

    john i haven't seen you in SO long! :( hope you've beeen good! :)

  2. @Steph ive never been better =D how about you ? hope to see you soon sometime !

    @Miffeh i didnt have anything to write in reply to that except "lol" but i thought it would be weird if i just wrote lol and i thought it would be slack if i just ignored what you wrote ;; so lol =D