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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i do feel like dancin'

I had a shower with my beanie on today. And noo I didn’t know the beanie was on my head. I was very sleepy. I only realised it when I turned on the water and something black started going over my eyes and no joke I freaked out so freaking much I think my heart stopped for a couple of seconds. I thought something was trying to rip off my head or suck my brains out or something. It was so scary. So so so so scary. It was like a scary movie that’s how scary it was. You know how in the scary movies where there’s a scary shower scene where people die or something scary happens. Yeah. Not fun.
ANYWAYS went library today to give Josh success one chemistry book thingo and found out I had to pay $3.30 to get there. Okay I know im asian and stuff but still that is A LOT of money because coming back was $3.30 as well and that’s $6.60 altogether ?? you know how many dance lessons I can get with that ?? 1 lesson costs $12 so I guess zero but yeah...
I went home at like 2 and then went back to Parramatta for hip hop + breaking yayy! And this time the bus driver charged me $1.60 so it was a very good start to the evening =). And now my legs hurt and I have burns on my shoulders from rolling around but I feel so good haha. Dancing = awesome form of stress release.
I went to the dance studio place last holidays with a bunch of guys to muck around and I still remember this convo. One of the guys was talking to me and giving me advice and stuff
Guy #1: you know this one awesome break dancer once told me that you have to be able to deal with getting put on the spot so that way you’ll be able to perform anywhere
Guy #2: didn’t I tell you that last week?
Guy#1: ... ohh yeahh haha good one *hi 5*

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  1. i should make your blogs into a movie...and $6.60 will get you 55% of a dance lesson *OH SNAP*

  2. wtheck $3.30 bus trip?! don't you pay student fare?

  3. @Guy: oh yeah ? how about i dont go kbbq ? but then that would be my loss .. sorry .. lol
    @Steph: yeahh but it was because my concession card expired and the bus driver was really mean T.T

  4. Oooh hahaha. I haven't got my new one either but bus drivers never ask me for it.. I must still look like a little kid ._.