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Saturday, April 10, 2010

You know what sucks?

You know what sucks?
Knowing that there is a cockroach somewhere in your room but not being able to locate and completely annihilate it.
I was just lying down on my bed playing random stuff on the geetar you know just before going to sleep time and I was playing the C chord and random extra notes because I was bored and when I played the C chord with my pinky on the second fret of the high e string (sorry for those who have no idea what the heck I’m talking about) I heard ... a short ... err ... scuttle? scurry? scamper? of feet in the corner of my room behind these shelves. I hate cockroaches. I’m not gnna be able to sleep peacefully tonight. Oh and it doesn’t help when your dad tries to ‘comfort’ you with words like “ahh its okay people eat cockroaches you know? So think of it as a free meal? Ohh that’s a good idea okay no dinner for you tomorrow since you got that cockroach” and “you know what would be gross? If it climbs onto the ceiling above you and it dies and it falls down into your mouth and it tries to climb out by thrashing and it goes down your throat and you can’t breathe and ...” I tuned out at that point so I dnno what he said. I think I was pretty polite even listening up to that point.
but this brings me to the theory I have with the connection between creatures and music. I investigate this theory all the time at school with crows and pigeons. Hmmm I guess you can’t call it investigating because all I do is suddenly strum random chords and see their reaction and laugh like a dork.
Wow I wasn’t meant to talk about that for that long? Guess I got carried away because of my undying hate for cockroaches.
Today I went to Dani’s house. It was fun. We ate food. Good Great Awesome food. Oh and it was his birthday party. I’m sorry Dani for not getting you anything T.T and sorry for almost forgetting and sending a puny email in the afternoon of your birthday ;; I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow T.T Oh and sorry for getting to your party late. Farout I suck.
We watched “500 Days of Summer”. I agree with Tony. Slightly less than awesome than the food but still was very good movie. So real. So easy to empathise with. Now it is also my favourite movie for the moment.
Then half way through the movie we went to eat cake. Three different types of cake. THREE different types of cake! THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CAKE! All were super delicious haha
Happy Birthday Dani
I had a great time.
I just heard the cockroach again.

Sweet dreams
God bless

Esther 1


  1. I don't like cockroaches with wings ><

  2. dani's cockroach shhhhhhh our secret john

  3. @Amy: wow i thought all cockroaches had wings


    @Miffy: ==;;