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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi Everybody

Imagine this.

You’re driving a bus like any other day and there’s someone waiting at the bus stop 100m ahead. You do what any other bus driver would do and you get to the stop, press the button that opens the door and collect money from the person. This amount of money being collected will depend on whether the person is adult, child/concession etc. Now the person steps on the bus. The man’s wearing old worn out shoes, pair of dull and tacky jeans and a messy stained shirt with a big black beanie and a small dirty bag. You can feel the grim look from his half covered eyes and you observe his apparent low self esteem from his slumped shoulders. He stretches out his hand, full of silver coins, and strangely enough its sort of shaking/trembling and he says in a dull voice “Concession to Parramatta, $1.60” and adds “I’m going to the doctors”. Now would you contest this request/order + random statement coming from a shady person clearly not in his youth or just accept the bunch of silver coins and let him on the bus.

The bus driver let me on without asking me for a concession card. Hooray!
Firstly, I was wearing crappy, crappy shoes because they’re very comfortable.
Secondly, I was wearing crappy, crappy clothes because I have absolutely no taste when it comes to fashion.
Thirdly, a black beanie and a small red bag is what I take 99% of the time when I go out.
Fourthly, I wasn’t smiling and I was tired (explained below).
Fifthly (that’s a weird word), I had only silver coins left because I used all my gold coins paying $3.30 most of the time when going to Parramatta and the change is made up of silver coins.
Sixthly (also weird), my hand was shaking because I had 30 minutes left until my bus came right and I had two options.
1. Roll around in my backyard
2. Study
Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I chose number 1. so I stretched for like 30 seconds, jumped, rolled around and all that for 20 minutes, had a shower for 2 minutes and walked to the bus stop across my house for the remainder of the time because I walk slowly. I didn’t think that playing in my backyard would be so exhausting and my whole body was like shaking and just moving hurt.
Seventhly (weird as well), I tend to talk in a dull voice.
And Lastly (wired), I have no idea why I told the bus driver that I was going to the doctors..;;

Anyways I went to the doctors yesterday, well chest clinic to be exact, because I had an appointment for TB. Almost forgot because I lost track of time, day and date. And as I walked closer to the entrance I could smell the waiting room. A distinct smell of ... canned pupas... Anyone agree? Actually, nevermind. Anyways I got there a bit early and was reading a book while waiting and after like 15 minutes I was called in. Wow anyone else notice that every single sentence up to this point (excluding this one) started with the letter A? Does anyone even read this? lol Anyways (har har another A) the doctor asked me routine questions, got me to lie on the bed thingy and started tickling me. Okay he didn’t tickle me but im very ticklish and he was like poking here and there in my stomach asking me to inhale and exhale and stuff and to be honest, inside my head I was cracking up so hard but I couldn’t show it on my face because it would be preeetty awkward for both me and the doctor. I eventually half smiled but that was right at the end and at least it wasn’t a giggle. This all took less than 5 minutes. Sooo an hour bus ride (there and back) + 15 minutes waiting + 5 minutes with doctor = my trip to the doctors.

Sorry I have to ruin this already crappy blog with the mention of school but school starts on Monday. That sucks. I’m screwed. Have fun with the remainder of holidays everybody... which is like tomorrow . and that’s it. Back to school.

Back To School
Back To School
To Prove To Dad That I'm Not A Fool
I've Got My, Luch Packed Up
My Boots Tied Tight
I Hope I Don't Get In A Fight
Back To School
*sound of bus approachin*
“well here goes nothing”
*bus drives past without stopping*

Awesome song + Awesome movie haha

Sweet dreams
God bless

Job 38


  1. lol i can imagine the inside of your head is like willie wonka's factory...just kinda...fcuked up.

    "By the way do I have a nice rack?"

  2. LOL wow I read all that. Bus Driver just charged me an adult tick... ==
    Billy Madison ftw :)

  3. @Guy: lol ummm thank you ?
    @Tony: it means we're getting old T^T