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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Autumn Cleaning?

Hahahaha I cleaned my room today! It was my ... second time ? cleaning it this year whoo!
Have a look ! =D
You can actually see the floor

But that’s because…
Everything’s on my bed LOL =P hahahahahahahahahaha

Nahh jks haha this is how my bed looks when its clean.

Thanks Jessica for the chocolates!
That's my table. If you look carefully there's 2 free movie tickets *hint hint* haha xD

Hmmm I realised that I don’t like throwing away stuff? I like holding on to them for as long as possible even though they won’t even help me in the future =/ Things ranging from Twig, old school timetables, exam notices, bus tickets and even broken things like ear phones and phone parts. Yeahh im pretty weird haha and i was like this ever since i was small because i remember like getting chocolates or lollies from somewhere and i would ALWAYS keep em in my pocket or on a shelf and not eat them and then end up forgetting about it ==;; then id find them many months later just wondering "hmmm one bite couldn't hurt?"

Ohh and while I was cleaning I found a bag that I got from ... rice ? yes that was a very very very very long time ago. and we got lollies on that day and they were still in that bag haha >.< well I found a bible passage stuck to one of them and I really liked it

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance” James 1:2-3 :)

Well that’s it for today I think? Don’t forget people its daylight savings thing which means we get an extra hour of sleep !!!!!!


  1. JOHN I HAVE THE SAME BED AS YOU LOL. except mines grey :D

  2. LOLOL wow. i have the same bed as steph. i am so manly. haha xD

  3. Haha well done John!
    Happy Easter =)!~

  4. you didn't tell me you had a blog!!