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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tune the Rainbow

First morning of holidays felt pretty good. There was no need to wake up really early and I got to sleep in yayy! One of the first things I did though was a have a staring competition with a kookaburra that was sitting outside my window. Like I was watching random vids on youtube and I just looked outside my window but at the same time I turned around the kookaburras head turned around as well and we were just staring at each other for a while. My theory was if I didn’t move it wouldn’t see me. I think I was wrong. And I found out the kookaburra could keep an eye on me even though its back was facing me and that was scary.

There is an empty void in my wardrobe now, a space that used to be occupied by my nylon stringed guitar. It was my first guitar. I didn’t even name it. What happened was last night my scary but cool aunty came over to help my mum with some stuff and after laughing at my baldness for half the time she noticed that I had 3 guitars in my room and since her son was starting to learn she decided to take one of them. Her son = my cousin. He is fat. Anyways, my aunty is scary therefore I could not object or anything so she took it home T.T. i took it pretty well though;; only cried for 3 hours. I tried looking for pictures of it and I realised I didn’t have any =( mann I suck// however, after digging through stuff on my computer I did find a clip of me practicing a piece for music last year. Yes I know it’s not very good but it’s the only memory of my guitar I have left I think. I didn’t play it much but I still miss it T.T "You don't know what you got, until it's gone."

Well holidays just started and I think I should start by cleaning my room because I don’t understand how I’m still living in it. I think Andrew’s room is dirtier though lol =P

Oh and the other day i saw a cloud that looked like an animal … like a llamawolffoxdinosaur.

it ate my tree

Well have fun in these holidays people and have fun with studies =D

2 Chronicles 16


  1. Hahaha looks like everyone's room has been a total mess since exam period LOL! I started cleaning mine this morning and I found so much hair lying around T^T so disgusting..

    and I rmb you playing that song last yearrr when you were full stessing before your assessment haha. It's a nice song 8D

  2. aww thats slack. he stole your guitar. and he's fat too ): id steal it back if i were you >:(

  3. I've told you how much I adore you and your guitar =) but I'll reiterate it anyway xD.
    And your room, one day I'll raid it just to clean it for you =).

  4. @Steph: lol i started cleaning and no joke i found 15 socks and $23.45. and wow that wasnt so long ago ?

    @Amy: haha well i guess it kinda evens out because me and my brother used to steal his crush gear tazo thingos

    @Sarah: awww you're too kind lol but it's going to take more than one day to clean this room. just play piano for me =D