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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

It's Earth Hour !!
i didnt know until like 5 seconds ago when i saw it on someone's msn name and i was like ohh noo i missed it but i checked on the site and theres the count down bar and it was at 49 seconds to go. and now im in complete darkness... well apart from the monitor screen glaring at me and burning my eyeballs. Candles would be sooooo cool right now (suggested by creative genius Sarah Liu) but unfortunately i dont have any// maybe we should do it next year! like get a bunch of people together and light up candles and play games and stuff. no ghost stories though. and what a shame ~ the lights are off so i guess i cant study ? lol today was so unproductive. and it was really hot.
hmmm i have 3u maths and senior science prac on monday. NEED to try study for maths. i think im going to study for senior in the time i have after maths. thennnnn non stop guitar until 11.20 on thursday! fun.
On a random note, on my msn list theres hong right and theres this other guy and his msn name was kong. after laughing at that for a couple of hours i put them together and took a screen shot. yes i had nothing better to do. i guess i shouldve studied;;

After ... biology we didnt feel like studying for senior science (wasnt a very good idea) so we decided to play in the grass behind the library.

Here hong and alan are best friends

Now they are more than friends

Alan wants to leave but Hong can't let him go;;

Now they are back to friends

Now its a threesome. Guest appearance by Matthew Uchiha lol

haha umm theres a video of Hong attempting one of the flips but itll be slack to post it online. i watch it when im sad. it makes me happy. lol jks >.<

hmmm i dont think anyone else is doing Earth Hour? it would be pretty funny if i was doing it on the wrong day or something lol well i dont care ill leave the lights off

good luck with studies people!

2 Kings 21


    so hard to type though :S

  2. haha yeahh !! i was gnna try and take a shower in the dark. but then my brain woke up.

  3. i have no keyboard backlight. my back hurts. today is gay... lol the flip