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Saturday, March 20, 2010

*Insert cool/random title*

Heres a picture of an onion i found in my backyard today =D. yeah its pretty weird but whats even weirder was that i found it underneath the mandarin tree ?

That tree /////////////////

That kept me preoccupied for a while because my brain was fried from schoolwork.

Well i did my Biology practical exam yesterday and that was okay... stuff i studied weren't in it and the stuff i didnt study were lol and now its like 1/10 finished. Everyone else seems to be counting down and i wanna be cool too =D haha got ... music theory on monday, english on tuesday, 4u on wednesday, biology theory on thursday, senior science theory on friday. and thats the first week. my first week sucks ==;; then its like 3u and senior science practical on monday then 2 whole days break for music practical on thursday where i'll be non stop guitaring for the 2 days and i assume my fingers will fall off yayy !
Good luck to everyone in their exams ! and have fun studying .. ?

Sweet Dreams
God bless

1 Kings 8


  1. ROFL John I love your blog because you take the simple things in life that everyone forgets about. It's an interesting look into your world; don't stop blogging about small things.

  2. Heres a picture of an onion i found in my backyard today =D.

    HAHAH. that was great.