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Monday, March 15, 2010

Partly Cloudy

today was a pretty gloomy day for some reason and i didnt like it very much;; i was like sighing all day
highlight of the day i guess was music because i went up in the top oval by myself and just did whatever
tried taking pictures of clouds because they looked so yummy but i suck at taking photos ==;; and yeah
umm ohh yeahh i got ambushed today by jessica tony hong gary steph who attempted to spike my hair up with gatsby (?) and that was pretty fun too it made me smile haha
sorry for being so much of an introvert and refusing to crazy with it T.T although when i got home i full put my hair back instead of using a hairband but i dont think you guys would care much for that lol
all this uploading pictures and stuff is so confusing @_@ hope i'll get used to it soon ?
well im off for now
sweet dreams
God bless ~

2 Samuel 17


  1. nice to see some blogging jk :)

    but yeah I just pulled all my hair back too and it just stayed like that.

  2. it's like the mind of a child. awesome.