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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After labouring away on my 6 string ed cittern for many ures I had decided to cleanse myself of all the grime in the privy. However, when I stepped inside, what hath caught my eye? A foul hairy beast glaring at me with its claws poised in the air, biding its time for its moment to strike! I cautiously backed away looking for a weapon of some sort to destroy this monster but this was to no avail as the only thing I could grasp was a small steel can smelling of something scrumptious it used to contain. It took all the gray matter in my noggin to conjure up a plan to tame this fiend. My plan was to take advantage of my superior speed and entrap the brute inside the can. First attempt. I waited until it was distracted and carefully crept around ready to carry out my plan. A wild swing. Alas, the wild creature was too swift and agile for my pathetic effort and managed to get away unscathed. However my second attempt was successful and the critter was now safely encased in the can so I just wrapped it glad wrap and chucked it in the bin.
And that is how I conquered the mighty cockroach with a Pringles can.
Yeahh .. we can tell who’s had way too much time on their hands.

It's been raining a lot lately. yayy!! i love the rain! but gloomy mornings do make it so much harder to get out of bed. i went for a shower and i almost washed my hair (or head) with toothpaste. yes i was really really sleepy.

and i'm sleepy now so bb

ohh and good luck physics + english ext1 + chem + history extension + japanese people!

sweet dreams
God bless

2 Chronicles 1

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