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Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best sporting event in the world.
Korea just beat Greece 2:0 omgsh T.T so happy lol
When they were showing Korea’s line up we were like WHOOO PARK JI SUNG …. What about that guy ? err whos that? And whos that ? lol ==
First goal was at like 7th minute and a guy named Jungsoo scored and my family screamed so much we were like going crazy it was so awesome
My dad was so crazy he gave me a hug. He never gives me a hug LOL ahh … the magic of world cup soccer.
Well im so hyped up now but kinda scared because the other teams Korea has to vs are Argentina and Nigeria who are pretty good ;; my dads hoping Argentina comes first and we come second so we can get into the next rounds.
Hmmm I remember in the 2002 world cup Korea was doing so well and like I prayed so hard before and during each match and I would like go super high when we scored and stuff
And I remember that we lost against Germany … I actually started crying == I was so sad and my mum and dad had to give me a whole talk on how this is the furthest Korea’s ever gotten and how before they wouldn’t even make it past the first rounds and stuff lol I was such a crybaby ==
Soccer = awesome


  1. Missed the first twenty minutes :/ But I saw the second goal and I gotta say i have SOOO much respect for the Korean goalie right now. He saved some pretty sweet goals.

  2. Hahaha my dad went crazy when Korea scored as well LOL.

  3. It was a good game =)
    Just for the record, your crying bit was pretty cute.
    But you'd probably hate me if I told you I was going for Germany that game xD

  4. LOL.
    john hated me all through the world cup... especially since germany was (and still is if australia lose) my team =P

    i still ruff you john =P