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Thursday, June 17, 2010

T.T korea lost against argentina
Was a pretty good game though korea just got outclassed because wow argentina = tank
and tevez is like beast I liken him to the uruk-hai from Lord of the Rings because they were like beast as well. And they both have long hair.
Messi is like a genius. Just pure talent.
My mum hates Higuain because she thinks hes just really lucky and im not going to argue against her because I like eating dinner everyday.
My dad hates Chu Young because he got an own goal. Im not going to tell him to calm down because I enjoy my peace and quiet when im trying to study.
Sigh well I had a lot of money on this match and I seriously hoped Korea would win but yeahh now I owe 20 cents to Trina and 20 cents to Trishna. Oh and like 10 minutes after the game I get a text message from Trina “ARGENTINAAA!!!!!” what a bi.........g hearted person who is very lovely to know;;
At least I didn’t cry this time?
Now we can just hope Greece wins against Nigeria =D lol and that game starts soon I MIGHT watch it or like fall asleep watching it


My day started really early because I wanted to start memorising my essay (which is really late I know ==) and I had alarms every 5 minutes starting at 5 am. BUT I woke up at 5am then turned off the alarm and then fell asleep then woke up 5 minutes later then covered the speaker bit with my hand so it didn’t wake up anyone else but I fell asleep like that and then I woke up 1 hour later. The alarm did wake me for the hour because my hand was so tight over the speakers that the sound was muffled out and I could barely hear it T.T so I ended up getting up at 6 and I was about to start but I got distracted when I looked outside the window and it was a violet sky and I was just mesmerised and then I spotted a rainbow in the violet sky so I ran outside to stare at it for a while.

English = fail

After school I went to pick up medicine from the chest clinic and afterwards I went to look at guitars at billy hyde (sorry tony we’ll still go on Saturday =) ) and I was just looking around and trying out new guitars. I was playing around with the $1000 - $1500 range guitars and I expected to be blown away by the quality but they weren’t THAT great which kinda confused me. HOWEVER after like 45 minutes of lingering I picked up a maton one and omgsh I think I fell in love. The guitar sounded SOOOOOO nice it just felt like the right guitar for me and I was in awe by the timbre and texture of the sound produced it was so cool. I was at the shop for ages and at like 5:15 I started walking to my bus stop on church street and when I got there I checked my timetable and according to the schedule I apprently missed the bus by 10 minutes but knowing that 606 doesn’t like to follow the timetable I asked one of the people if the bus already came and the man was like ummm sort of ? and I was like huh ? what do you mean and he said well its here right now ? and I turned around and the bus was coming around the corner lol and the guy was like that was pretty good timing and gave me thumbs up I felt so cool haha.

Ohh and fun fact for you

Maradona doesn’t like the Korean coach
You know why?
Because apparently 24 years ago both coaches were players on their national teams and it was korea vs argentina and the Korean coach went for the ball but accidentally kicked maradona in the leg and he was in a lot of pain LOL so in a way maradona got his revenge ? lol


  1. korea played well...argentina played something else...john played a maton, and currently, greece is winning. all good. and aren't matons just beautiful?