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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had less than 5 hours of sleep yesterday. I haven’t experienced that kinda stuff since like kyck when we wanted to play a prank on Gary but yeah lack of sleep due to assignments – not for a while. Did I miss it? No ==

Im so distracted in class these days because … I dnno ;; brains just not functioning properly. In senior and bio we just look for random games to make up so we can pass the time.
There’s a couple of vids I have from bio and senior but im lazy so I never got to upload them lol I guess ill do it some time in the future //


We only thought of 2 games this week. Well 3 but we don’t have evidence of the third game ‘lasso the highlighter with alan’s tie’.

Game #1 Flick the pencil through to upright pens.
You have to make sure the pencil spins or it doesn’t count.

Alan’s attempt #1

Alan: awww
John: *snickers*

John’s attempt #1

John: *claps*
Alan: aww!

Alan’s attempt #2

John: lol ==

Game #2 Karate chop the pencil over the ruler balancing over the glue stick

I didn’t attempt this because I was too noob.

Alan’s attempt #1

Alan’s attempt #2

You can tell we’re losers because we’re obviously impressed by his epic win. You can even hear the ohhhhh at the end lol

on an unrelated matter
my wrist hurts therefore guitaring hurts T.T

anyways ill post random videos randomly and hopefully youll find them at worst mildly amusing =]

sweet dreams
God bless


  1. I love your blogs, so random and good. I'm core-ing and took a 'break' *cough procrastination* and it made me laugh out loud. Good ef-fart.

  2. lol thanks guy that made my day although its 12:45 so i dnno if i mean the ending of yesterday or beginning of tomorrow.. good luck core ing if youre still doing it !