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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterdays people’s nicknames = rofl
Yo Shelley, you know those mountains you love describing? Why don’t you go jump off one? – Yash
Ooo Shelley and Scott, sittin in a tree, makin- stupid-texts-in-their-stupid-contexts-reflecting-their values-I.N.G – Sachin
lol @ english core

Today for senior science we did a prac on radios and he had to like observe the differences between FM and AM radio qualities at different areas so we went around the whole school as a class stopping at random areas, turning it on at AM and FM and giving the quality of the sound produced a number out of 5 (5 being highest quality). To tell you the truth I don’t know the results or anything because I wasn’t even paying attention.

Firstly we had to leave the classroom so miss told everyone to take their valuables.
My valuables

Alan’s valuables ==

We went to the top oval and turned on the radio on FM and the song was Straight Lines by Silverchair (I think?). It was really nice. =D
Ms Thomas: you know what? Let’s forget about the prac and just sit here for the rest of the period
Class: yayy !!
*turns off radio*
Ms Thomas: just kidding let’s move on
Class: awww ==

Then we walked across the top oval, listened to the radio amongst the trees, walked towards the basketball courts and listened to it there.

Then went down towards the carpark

Ohh and btw if you look carefully at the top of the compost heaps theres like white stuff. I think that’s spider web. Scary T.T

Then we listened to the radio at the carpark then walked back up towards the canteen

We saw like heaps of year 7s just sitting in front of the assembly area eating? And this was period 3 I think. So yeahh they should enjoy things like that while they can lol

Listened to radio at canteen, walked past science rooms and Ms Thomas had to talk to someone so she told us to go and meet her at the ‘landing’. We said okay but after she left we realised we had no idea what or where that was so we just walked around aimlessly. Saw Tony seemingly doing some hardcore study, listened to the radio on the walkway near english rooms and then went back to class. And that was our prac lol xD

note to self:
dance when you're cold
do handstands when you have a blocked nose

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