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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Its like almost 4:30 … I cant believe I managed to wake up T.T I had less than 4 hours of sleep because I was dumb and decided to sleep later than 12
Korea vs Nigeria is about to start and I have to watch it through the internet on another language because on tv theyre gnna show the Argentina match ;;
Haha ill finish this blog later
Kick off !!
Korea Fighting !!

Okay the game just finished

Korea 2 : 2 Nigeria

Korea goes to the next round !! yayy

stupid bald korean guy cost Korea a goal really early and then korea scored 2 goals (Jung Soo and Chu Young) and then another stupid mistake = penalty kick for nigeria guy who scored
btw Chu Young = Guy Marsh i dnno why but it looks apparent now lol

im happy =D

if we lost i was gnna try and take a nap but since we're going through i cant sleep T.T

gnna be dead at school ==


  1. You know I got multiple heart attacks this morning cos I thought Nigeria might actually win and go onto next round. Thank God for that. Next opponent this Sunday, Uruguaaaaaay!

  2. LOL xD me too !!
    and uruguays gnna be hard team to play against T.T hopefully korea does well =D