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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Korea lost T.T

But I dnno I’m not feeling as bad as I thought I would because both Korea and Uruguay played so well and it was a really good match I really enjoyed watching it

My mum was listening to the Korean commentary on her wireless headphones and she went to the bathroom right? And then Uruguay scored a goal and my mum shouts did Uruguay score? And we were like yeah how did you know? And she goes because the commentator just stopped talking lol When Korea got their goal we just went crazy I was hugging my dads arm he was grabbing my brothers hair, mum was like screaming and it was so epic haha xD but when Uruguay scored again we couldn’t complain because it was such a mad shot it was like perfect
To be honest I was closing my eyes for the last 5-10 minutes just praying my ass off but hey im imagining heaps of people doing the same thing on both sides lol so yeah im not feeling too bad right now =D my dads last words before he went to bed was“I hope Uruguay loses the next match and “Japan better lose as well” ==

i guess to make up for Korea's loss i'll have to play extra harder on thursday and you know like make it to the finals instead LOL ;;

OHHH yeahh ummm please come MAD ? i dnno like i want people to come but i dont want people to come at the same time. i wanna perform but i have stage fright and im really scared T.T anyways im gnna try and get some sleep nights !

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  1. I stayed awake to watch US too LOL.

    But that 2nd goal by Uruguay was crazy.