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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maths = fail T.T
I am so not ready for Tuesdays test its not funny =(

Last night I was in bed watching the Australia game and I was really really sleepy right ? and I was struggling to stay awake and then Australia scored a goal and I was all hyped again and I was thinking yupp I think Im gnna be able to stay awake for the whole match! And that’s the last thing I remember .. I accidentally fell asleep and when I woke up it was couple seconds before the final whistle and I was like wow that felt like a couple of hours ? and I checked the time on my fone and I realized I fell asleep in the first half of the live game and I woke up at the final minute of the REPLAY of the same match T.T haha but yeah the sleep felt like a couple of hours because I had a HUGE dream where so many different people came out and it was like in all these different locations with weapons and gaining levels and eating. It was cool because I haven’t had that kinda dream in a while. Well I had it the day before but before that I didn’t have much crazy dreams. I think over the 2 nights every single person in our grade appeared in my dream. And this morning I fell asleep again after that final whistle and what woke me up was Sarah’s text saying she couldn’t find her voice xD and I replied with something lame as usual and while I was waiting for her reply I fell asleep AGAIN except I didn’t know? I realized I was asleep when I started rollerblading because she wasn’t replying quickly. Oh and the fact that my bio class + some year 11 dude were rollerblading with me and ms Thomas was teaching us some pro skills ;; when I woke up I found out she actually texted back pretty quickly but I was late for church so I don’t remember what happened after that.

Please save me T.T

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  1. LOL
    Haha. Your reply was not lame. It was funny.
    And I still think your rollerblading dream was epic =)