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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Arghhh I procrastinate soooooo much >.<
So screwed for maths ;; sigh
Okay so I have 2 new guitars right ? 1 named apple and 1 that’s unnamed because obviously im too lazy. Well I haven’t playing the first one because its not a cut out and you need a cut out to play start – depapepe and also theres like a crack in it I dnno how bad though. Anyways in my process of procrastination I decided to take it out and play random stuff on it … its like heaven for your fingers and ears T.T lol it slides so easily and sounds so nice it actually made me smile haha
Hmmm my dad actually managed to convince my mum it was 1am. She fell asleep while studying and my dad ‘accidentally’ woke her up after coming back from fishing and this was like 10pm btw. I went outside to stand in front of the heater after my shower and my mum goes why are you still awake ?? and I was so confused because I had no reason to be asleep ? and my dad just starts laughing really hard and my mum goes … its not 1am is it == lol